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Alberta plant to take OTM cattle

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Feb 10, 2005
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Alberta plant to take OTM cattle
by Allison Finnamore

A newly expanded beef plant in Innisfail, Alberta will begin
slaughtering over 30-month cattle next month.

Sunterra Farms, one of the major partners of Rancher's Beef, will
handle up to 300 head per day at their expanded plant in
Innisfail. Processing will be done at the Rancher's revamped site
near Calgary. Sunterra Farms is one of the major partners in
Rancher's Beef, along with Cor Van Raay Farms and 50 producers and
feedlot owners from Alberta and British Columbia.

Doug Horne, Alberta's minister of agriculture congratulated
Rancher's Beef. "Increased slaughter capacity is what the industry
needs right now. It will do more to raise cattle prices and
improve economic conditions than any form of government
intervention. Adding to Alberta's slaughter capacity will go a
long way to restoring our beef industry."

One step closer to independence :D

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