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All R-calf members should remember the bible

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Feb 10, 2005
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How can these R-calf people actually think they are NOT going to HELL when they live out out there years here on earth. I was always taught when you lie and decieve in your lifetime you go to HELL. You boys better enjoy your time on earth cause where your going its going to be a lot hotter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more cold winters for you!!!! :devil2:

Any of you ever shovel coal before?
Funny, I was just talking to God the other day and he was saying that very thing. He said for allowing the evil R-CALF to flourish in their midst, not following the Golden Rule and Bearing False Witness, he was going to give all the R-CALF members seven years of drought. I thought that was a bit severe but he says they should consider themselves lucky. The last time he saw such evil and corruption, he destroyed the city and turned all its inhabitants into pillars of salt.
He also said when they knocked on our door looking for feed for their cattle that we should treat them fairly. Something about 'turning the other cheek' and 'Vengeance being his'. Good Luck.

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