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Aluminum Trailers

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Jun 26, 2005
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Does any one have experience with aluminum trailers what do you look for and how well they hold up. Looking for a 30 to 32 footer. So far I have found Elite, Barrett, and featherlite. I tried to do a search and found little on this subject sorry to rehash if ths is rehash. TIA.
We have a Featherlite and it is a fine trailer. They have been around a long time and seem to have good resale value. We have had some problems with the sliding door in the back, but that problem has been resolved on the new Featherlites. We deliver mineral in our trailer and it goes a lot of miles over back roads carrying up to 7 ton of mineral and it has held up suprisingly well. Yep, we like it.

We also like the Wilson. Had one of those but did have some problems with the brakes, I think. We took it in to be repaired and they loaned us the Featherlite to use in the meantime. The floor was better for manuevering the cart that we use for the mineral, so we traded. The other thing we really didn't like about the Wilson was that overhead roll-up door. We worried that a horse could hit that with his head, although it never did happen. Wilson is available with a sliding door as well.

Our Featherlite is a 1999 and it has been pulled A LOT.

We also like the Sooner. There are some really fancy trailers out there. We just looked at a C & C some friends of ours have. It has a really fancy living quarters in it. It is sure a nice trailer. Probably cost about $75,000 if I were to guess. I mean it is fancy.

The Wilson is wider than most of the other aluminum trailers. I do believe the Wilson is a full 7' wide or close to it and can haul more cattle as a result. The Wilson has seperate panels that can be replaced if it gets damaged. The Wilson uses screws instead of rivets, I think.

Gosh, when my husband gets in here, I will have to double check all this information in case I am wrong.

There is one trailer out there that is manufactured by an ex-Featherlite employee. Oh, it is EXISS~and they are supposed to be good.

The best aluminum trailer: 4 STAR without a doubt! But you pay for it too!

Hope this helps!
We have Featherlites. Not sure we have had much exposure to any other aluminum trailers. Maybe a great dealer like Blakes in Rapid City is key. We have had little repair and quick service when needed. Ours have to be real work horses.....forget the glitz. We take care of stuff, but it has to work hard and serve well for a loooong time!

Looked long and hard about five years ago before I bought my first one. Wouldn't own a Featherlite, just jump on the fenders, about like a trampouline. Owned a Keifer, held up really well, no bent axles, even with pasture hauling. Recenlty traded for a Wilson, got a darn good deal. Feel Wilsons along with a Barrett is probably best on the market. About $1,500 higher than similar trailers, but well worth it. Carl's Trailer Sales in Belle was where I bought it, escellent to deal with.

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