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Amazing rendition of Amazing Grace

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Thanks for sharing, that brings back a lot of good memories for me as I was raised on a farm with negro spirituals being song all around me day and night.
As a young boy the ones sung in the black of night were a little scary, I must confess.

Here is a site that shows the colored church ( as we called it ) that was less then a ½ mile from my home and where the singing would come from, along with those who were hidden in the rocks along the mountain side, all of which echoed down the valley.

I can't tell you how inspirational and sad some of those songs were, but I can tell you they had a profound influence on my entire life.
Thanks again
See: http://www.davidhanauer.com/buckscounty/buckingham/

PS: How they dug those graves in solid rock next to the church I will probably never know.

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