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An Interview with God

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This is touching- with outstanding photography.. Make sure your volume is turned up.............

Not sure where the pictures are but sure admire the artist that crerated them, our LORD,,,,

Thanks, it was a nice reminder, of GOD's gifts......

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Thanks OT, I am getting so frigging mad at this thing bumping me off!! Anyway, back to what I tried to tell you, this was one of those days that remind me why I do what I do. Blue sky, no wind, the meadow larks singing thier heads off, the finches having a ball, helping a neighbor brand, the smell of burning hair, good people, good food, thankful to be alive. AMEN
OT-thanks for the reminder of life-that was wonderful! What a beautiful world we live in.GUess that is why i really don't care for a vacation when we are so fortunate to have such surroundings around us each day-oh it is not that beautiful around here,but just out in the open and no high rises and concrete-except in feed lines and shop floor. Thanks again
Yesterday was definitely a beautiful day-I brought in some two year old fillies I'm selling and reintroduced them to the round pen and halters- had so much fun I almost convinced myself to keep a few more out of next weeks sale-- Grandma unconvinced me.....

Today is going to be a 3 coat day-- Needed my heavy coat early- then stripped down to my light jacket and soon won't need anything-- predicting it could be 80.......Definitely Gods country......
Rowdy Ranch, glad you appreciate the finer things in life...
and remember, there are different kinds of beauty.

I used to live where I drove up I-90 to Missoula. I hated that drive, many others think it is beautiful. We one drove up the Lolo Canyon from Lewiston, Idaho to Missoula. I bought a book to read, it was boring to me. Trees on one side, the highway and a creek and trees on the other. It was pretty for awhile, but for 200 miles, I got bored. I didn't think we would ever get out of the canyon.

Now I drive 80 miles to Miles City and I love that drive. The hour plus that it takes, goes by fast. You see a bit of everything. Plains, pine trees, cows, wildlife, dry creeks with cottonwoods, windmills, some old log buildings that make me always wonder about who built them and who lived there. I especially love it when the resevoirs are filled with water.

On my drive to Sheridan, Wyoming to see my dad, I often go via Colstrip. It's always interesting. It is nice country and usually I will see someone horseback moving some cattle and I like that.

So, different strokes for different folks.

Not to say I don't like mountains, because I do. But I like other country as well.
OT, those were beautiful- we don't have mountains to brag about but the awesome ocean wave picture reminded me of here.
Some of the captions reminded me of the scripture that goes "Man plans and God laughs." It will be very interesting to learn eventually how wrong our interpretation of life's circumstances was!

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