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And everbody called him a Kook

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Feb 12, 2005
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May 23, 2004

Hi friends.
Dave Louthan here.

I'm the guy that killed that mad cow. I killed that cow Dec.9. It was processed into hamburger along with 50 other cows and shipped to 8 states and was eaten by 1000's of people. Some of those people will contract BSE and die.

We took a brain sample from that cow and gave it to the USDA the day we killed her. It took the USDA 2 weeks to get the results back from the lab in Aimes, Iowa. It only took us 1 day to get that meat to market.

Here's a curious thing. At the time when everybody was up in arms about that cow being shipped and eaten, the USDA said it couldn't be helped because the test they used takes two weeks to get a result.

Now they are saying that any "non-negatives" also known as positives that turn up during the new test procedures using the fast test will be sent to Aimes to be retested using the same test they used on my cow. But now that exact same test will be ready in 24 to 48 hours.

Here's another curious. During the 2 weeks after we killed the mad cow and before it was announced, for no apparent reason, the cattle futures market went crazy. It was as if somebody at the USDA called some of her cow trading friends and had them buy short and sell long. Yet another investigation is underway.

Out of an "abundance of caution" the USDA blocked the import of all beef from Canada after the discovery of a mad cow there. That was in May of 2003. That day at Vern's Moses Lake Meat we had a couple of dozen steers and heifers in the pens. They all had Canadian ear tags.

We asked the USDA inspector what to do with them. He made a phone call. He informed us after a short time that the USDA had decided that all Canadian cattle that were on this side of the border were safe to eat. We slaughtered them and a flood of Canadians in the days that followed. No BSE testing was done.

Here is something that out to scare the hell out of anybody who has continued to eat hamburgers since word of the mad cow epidemic came out. We have been sliding into the burger stands and ordering up what we thought was good safe U.S. hamburger. After all BSE is a Canadian problem. Our mad cow was a Canadian.

We didn't do anymore testing so the BSE won't be able to find us. What we didn't know was the USDA secretly let their friends in the meat business smuggle in 30,000,000 pounds of Canadian hamburger. Untested hamburger. Hamburger from a place that not even the USDA can deny is contaminated with BSE. 30,000,000 pounds = 120,000,000 quarter pound hamburgers. That's one mad cow sandwich for exactly half the people in the United States.

If you have had a hamburger in the last year you have probably got a belly full of Prions. These Prions are small and tough. They go through your stomach lining into your blood stream. From there they find nerve tissue in your spinal cord, brain stem, and brain. They live there for a few years eating and multiplying until a few Prions turn into billions and then they get down to some serious brain consumption.

You will be moody and unproductive at first. Then you will become very depressed. You will walk funny and be uncoordinated. Your family will think you're drunk or have a drug problem. A visit to the doctor will reveal a brain problem. It will be called genetic or spontaneous.

The medicos and the government will be falling all over themselves to deny it's Mad Cow. The doctors do not want to do an autopsy because they may be exposed to the disease and the government won't let them because it might spoil the beef business. You'll fall into a coma and you will die but not before your family has been buried in hospital bills. Better start saving.

A mad cow was found in San Angelo, Texas at a slaughterhouse. The USDA vet called the district office to see if he could test it. No absolutely not. Kill it and get it out of there quick. Word slipped out. Apparently I'm not the only whistle blower out here.

The USDA said well yes we did have a little procedure problem there but don't worry that cow never made it into the food chain. That is the exact same thing they said about my cow. Don't worry they say that cow was sent to the rendering plant and made into pig food, pet food, and cosmetics.

If you don't eat meat but you do wear makeup or you take medicine in capsules or gel caps you are also in danger of contracting BSE. The gel in the gel cap is made from rendered mad cows.

Pig Feed. They say it's OK to feed mad cows to pigs because they don't think pigs get mad cow. Dr Stanley Pruisner, the man who discovered Prions has told us ALL mammals can get mad cow.

A farmer needs some feed for his cows. He goes to the feed store. A sack of cow feed is $14.59. A sack of pig feed is $6.29. He knows the cows can't read. What do you think he is going to buy. Nobody is going to follow him home and make sure he gives that feed to pigs.

His cows are now contaminated. They look perfectly healthy but inside their brains they are developing little pink holes. They'll go to slaughter and no tests will be done because we don't do that.

The meat will be cut into steaks and go to the butcher shop. You will go in and you'll ask the butcher if the meat is safe. Of course it is. This is Organic meat from Oregon. It costs more but it's worth it because it's Organic. Sure it is.

Here is the whole point of this tale.

Five months have gone by since I killed the mad cow. Five months the USDA has not tested one single solitary beef going into your dinner. Not one. Some meat companies have tried to but Madame Secretary Ann Veneman and her henchmen at the USDA stomped them flat.

There is no way they are going to let another mad cow surface. The idea was to hold out long enough that the world, starved of good American beef, would fold and start importing our beef again. That didn't happen. Mexico did cave in.

Dr. DeHaven, henchman #1, says all the riskier meat the USDA was smuggling in from Canada was destined for Mexico so it should cause no one here concern. Sorry Senior. Better pick your ministers a little more careful next time. That one sold you out.

Our Government sold us out to. They traded our safety and lives for a hand full of gold. The Big Four meat packers bought the USDA lock, stock, and barrel. The USDA-Food Safety Inspection Service carefully examines each mad cow and passes it if it has no other problems. It's processed into nicely wrapped pieces of meat. You take it home and eat it. The more you eat the more Prions you get.

I want to stop this mad cow madness. You can help me. I have talked to all the newspapers and radio and Internet shows until I am blue in the face. I went to Olympia, Washington and talked to the Legislature and they changed the law.

I went to Sacramento, California and talked to the Senate. They are changing their law. That law allows the meat packers in Ca. to test their beef for BSE. Soon California will own the export business and the beef raisers there will be mega rich. But for the life of me I can't get any network attention.

If I could just get the word out on the evening news and some of our favorite daytime talk shows I know I could get this fixed. If you would be kind enough to start calling CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX and tell them who I am and that I have something that needs to be said.

Call your Congressperson and tell them that I'm still here and squawking my head off and I need to get into the hearings in D.C. They know me. I talk to them all on the phone and often. I have taught them what questions to ask but that is not the same as standing at the podium and spewing out the cold hard truth.

Any help you people can give me on this will help all of us. If you can help get me there I can take the heat. I can't get there alone. I need all the help I can get. Take care friends.

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