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Another blast of wet snow

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Feb 10, 2005
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Its snowing heavier then heck here again. Real wet snow with lots of moisture. Had well over a foot of snow out of the last storm on Monday night. Looks good for the upcoming year. How is the moisture situation in other parts of Canada and the US?
We are getting a decent shot of snow here in Southeast Alberta and sounds like 10 more cm expected. Calves don't much like it today but the farmers are smiling. Our dugouts are pretty much full from an early melt in Jan.

I think everything's going to be floating here when all this damn snow starts to melt. We have so much in the yard, we've run out of places to pile it. Hubby was out the other night v-plowing ridges in the field across from the yard to see if he could get the snow to stop blowing in to the yard, and he got stuck. Had to drag out the old lumpy 4 wheel drive tractor to pull himself out. If it does end up melting fast, it's all going to run into the hollows instead of soaking in.
been getting our december ( :? )snowfall all day long here in sw montana. could make my travelling to deer lodge (125 northwest) a little treacherous tomorrow when i have 2 passes to cross...oh well, need the moisture and i could always call in "dead" if the roads are really bad. The main road leading out of ennis is closed right now to emergency travel only and i don't think they would consider me going to work and emergency. The snow we are getting is slowly piling up, but it is the ever present wind that is kicking things up around here!! Lost 2 calves today due to the cold-induced wind....one of them we even brought inside to warm up and despite the best efforts of my 5 year old, she did not make it!! :( :(

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