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Northern Rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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We had to gather all the cows and bring them to the yard for water-rain has crusted their licking snow and the dugouts have water laying on the ice. I paid one track hoe bill a few years ago for plucking out drowned cows that had went through the ice-not a good deal. Saw a complete B.S article by Les Burwash in Grain News about how horses cannot lick snow in winter-what a load of crap. I wanted to send in a rebuttal but that would just get the SPCA down my neck-they are more a harassment agency than an animal protection deal anymore-they've been on the doorstep of some the best outfits for animal husbandry in our country-mostly because some townie imagined they saw an animal in distress as they buzzed down the highway and cell phoned it in. At least now they phone the brand inspectors to check things out a bit first so they aren't sending out a gunsel from the city. I got paid a visit once because a coyote killed a goose and left it in the ditch half eaten how stupid is that!!

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