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Another question for SH

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
SH,"Lets see, assuming that the Japanese Parliament would even allow it, we establish a presidence that 100% testing assures safety

The USDA, Creekstone, Testing manufacturers, and scientists alike will not guarantee food safety because of testing. Errors in "chain of samples, contamination of samples, etc. is not foolproof. As is SRM removal.
And if there was a "presidence" established it was by Japan.
The more we fight testing beef to be exported to Japan the more wary the Japanese consumers become. They have become extremely cautious of us. Since they started testing all cattle they simply do not understand why anyone else wouldn't.
By the way, I read that Japan has approx. 10 times less foodborne deaths per capita than the US. They are very safety conscious about their food.


Porker: "Gee,NOW that sound science has developed a BSE test that can test any age group in 2-3 hrs. with 100% accuracy with no false Positives WHAT you GONE to DO SH"

What am I going to do?

I am going to tell those who support deceptive tests like you THAT YOU CANNOT FIND WHAT IS NOT THERE because BSE prions are not detectable in cattle under 20 months of age.

"Well, ah... umm...., let's just pretend they don't have BSE even if the prions dont show up until after 20 months of age with most not showing up until after 30 months of age."

That's deception!

Sandhusker: "First of all, you know that Creekstone management said the Japanese had offered to pay for the tests and you have not offered any evidence that suggests Creekstone is wrong."

Talk is cheap. Japan could simply adjust the price of the beef to account for the cost of deceptive 100% testing that wouldn't reveal anything in cattle younger than 20 months of age.

You have offered no proof that the Japanese parliament would even allow it. At this point, 100% testing is not what is being negotiated. You keep living in the past with no proof that it was even an option beyond "talk".

Sandhusker: "I won't use the word "liar" as loosely as you do as I think those are fighting words, but when you know full well the offer and then you say we would have to "absorb those costs" is definetely less than honest."


I am talking about 100% testing of cattle under 20 months of age PERIOD!

Typical of your deceptive ways.

I don't believe Japan would pay for the testing without adjusting the price of the beef. You do!

Sandhusker: "Secondly, it is absolutley rediculous to claim 100% testing is "establishing a precidence" and to not recognize that agreeing to an exclusive age limit would be doing the exact same thing. What is that saying about animals over the age limit?"

100% testing of cattle less than 20 months of age will not reveal anything because prions do not show up in cattle under 20 months of age. 100% testing only creates the "PERCEPTION" of safety.

In contrast, the 20 month threshold is Japan's negotiation terms, not ours. We can tell anyone that we do not agree with Japan's terms but that is their terms.

There is nothing to justify 100% testing of cattle less than 20 months of age. There is something to justify only exporting beef from cattle under 20 months of age to Japan WHEN THAT IS JAPAN'S TERMS.

Just like the OJ defense team, you keep throwing sh*t against the wall to see if anything will stick.

Sandhusker: "You tried to tell us that if the US consumers ever got wind that we were giving Japan a deal that we weren't giving them, there would be hell to pay. Are we giving US consumers the same deal as offered Japan?"

Once again, you show your true deceptive ways.

Nowhere did I say "there would be hell to pay". Those are your words, not mine. I'll cut short of calling it a lie since you seem to take offense to the truth.

What I said is that we would have some explaining to do if consumers asked why we were conducting 100% testing for Japan and not for them.

We didn't offer Japan 20 months, THAT WAS THEIR TERMS!!!!

Why can't you get that through your thick head?????

Sandhusker: "Defending this bunch without thinking sure has put you in a tight spot. I'm sure you will pretend that is not the case, but those of us who have read your posts over the months know the tune."


You are such a funny little R-CULT follower!

"Those of us"?????

As if I cared what your little R-CULT support group thinks of me. It's a good thing you have your little support groups because you sure as hell can't gather much confidence from your weak arguments.

Anyone who would be so ignorant as to not consider the consequences of unrealistic BSE "fear mongering" just to keep the Canadian border closed to live cattle is unworthy of my consideration.

I just come here to bury your bullsh*t, repeatedly!

I don't associate with blind followers of the gospel according to R-CULT and I certainly don't care what they think of me.

Mike: "The USDA, Creekstone, Testing manufacturers, and scientists alike will not guarantee food safety because of testing. Errors in "chain of samples, contamination of samples, etc. is not foolproof."

Mike: "Since they started testing all cattle they simply do not understand why anyone else wouldn't."

Conflicting arguments Mike!

Your first statement is correct and that is precisely why USDA did not cave to the "SAFETY PERCEPTION" of 100% testing. Why would we test cattle younger than 20 months when prions are not detectable before 20 months????

That's a better question.


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