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Any AI stud representatives?

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Apr 3, 2011
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Any of you guys work as a Rep for a little extra incentive in your pocket? I am goin to try to get my foot in the door here in our area if there is anything available. Our main ones in this area are genex,select sires,accelerated and ABS, with genex and select seeming to be the most readily available then ABS and accelerated in that order. Hoping to be able to get in with accelerated to offer more variety to fellow breeders. If any of you have done this or are doing it give me some feedback on it please. Thanks in advance.
If you don't mind spreading the companies bafflegab to make a sale you'll do great. I was one for twenty years but just couldn't really do it any more and we parted company. If they give you good bulls to sell and are honest in their appraisals it's a fun and rewarding profession-I made alot of good friends and met alot of interesting people in my travels. Be honest in how the bulls are and you'll be fine-but demand the same honesty from the ones above you making sire selections.
Honesty is my weak point for sales. I'm too honest and believe the truth is what should be told period! Was there any education requirements to be a Rep? Most everayone in our area uses genex bulls. The main reason being they are more readily available.
I'm not that bright and I was top unit guy a couple times up here. Companies like to have training deals to teach you how to sell. Most cattlemen appreciate honesty and can tell if you truly believe in a bull.
I guess you'd have to know how to stand at the south end of a north-facing cow a fair bit. I don't know about Virginia, but around this area you had better be willing to deliver the product to it's ultimate destination if you want to get it sold. Lots of outfits here would say they don't have the labor to A.I. unless you're willing to bring a breeding box and provide the arm service. Some days I wish I were an A.I. rep from the standpoint that I really like genetics, evaluating cattle and doing the arm work. Get to meet lots of producers and see how they operate, maybe even offer some suggestions on improvements along the way. Would like to take my pick of the bulls from each stud, though, and that's the kicker.
Yeah. And not all of them were standing in a chute, but
at the end of a rope!
:lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

I did a search and darn! I can't find that picture. Many here have
never seen AI'ing done quite like that I bet. :D Can you find
it and post it again, just for kicks and giggles? :p
Thanks for the info NR. I have been contacted by one AI stud today and just sent out the inquiries today! So maybe it will work in my favor? I have bred m fair share for my length of time breeding and for some reason my strongpoints seem to be in settling virgin heifers? Go figure?

High plains our territory is vastly different from that of your own. Lots of producer's here do there own AI work and some will meet in a central location to pick up semen supplies etc....
One of the best things is touring customers herds and looking at the calves that you had a small part in producing. Good luck and hope it all goes well.
LRAF said:
Honesty is my weak point for sales. I'm too honest and believe the truth is what should be told period! Was there any education requirements to be a Rep? Most everayone in our area uses genex bulls. The main reason being they are more readily available.

Wrong! Honesty is a strength in sales. A lie might make one sale. Honesty will keep loyal customers. Never comprimise your integrity.
Oh I agree shortgrass. Guess I should have worded that different. Maybe that honesty would be my weak point from say the companies standpoint if they were advertising something shady. I've always seen honesty as a big part of life. Once you lose your integrity/name your toast!
If you decide to give it a whirl, remember even little producers need good customer service. A guy I know real well worked for Select for years. He'd go all over the state of Utah and into Nevada taking care of folks. Had one little bitty dairy that was way down by Vegas and his bosses were always complaining it was too far away and too small of an account. But Dean kept going when they needed semen. Ten years later when the outfit had expanded out to own four big dairys, every semen outfit was knocking on his door. But he remembered Dean from the lean years and bought semen from him until Dean retired. :D Good luck!
You may be asked to promote the hottest new bull of the month. I like to call this the company or party line of BS. I know genex was looking for independant reps to do everything in some areas. Good luck with what ever you decide.
good luck on your deal. i've got a bone to pick with genex hawkeye. a fella ordered some semen and he and i both phoned to make certain they shipped it over night... the guy even paid for overnight and one of the gals sent it ups ground to show up after the guy was done AI....

so heres the question. if you had made this mistake on an order you were filling to me and i still had a bill with you that was less than what the potential semen order was - would you expect me to pay you. i'm going to pay it but i'm more than a little peeved. its no skin off their back and part of me thinks i should just flat out tell them i'm not going to pay the bill since they screwed up and cost me more than what the bill even its.
Me personally........ no. But to work for someone else I may be encouraged to urge you to pay the bill. I would suggest a credit on your behalf or would make the effort to speak whom ever necessary to help correct the error of the company.
Well I've been contacted by all four AI studs. One isn't hiring? And seems like the other three maybe looking for someone educated?? Guess we will wait and see what happens??
I am an independent rep for Accelerated and it's been alright. I dont work real hard at it since it always depends on what the "hot" bull is. I don't do a whole lot of recommendations on bulls. I figure the guy calling me knows what he wants and will give my opinion, but I don't push any sales. I get my semen tanks serviced once every two months and get a discounted price on any Accelerated bulls I buy smen on. It's a good side deal.

You really need to learn to not take anything personal and make sure your accounts are paid to company standards. I've had a few guys try to take advantage of me, but you have to stand your ground and work for the company.

I breed quite a few cows for others in the spring and give them a break when it is Accelerated semen and charge a couple extra bucks for competitior semen.

Good luck, but don't expect it to be all glory. There are so many reps anymore that there is no way to make a living out of it unless your can become an area manager.
@ sic'em I'm sure its not all glory. Need some side cash and a few benefits as you spoke of would be nice. I like some of the Accelerated bulls but don't know of a Rep close. I enjoy the industry and the chance to meet different people. Guess it was just something I thought would be interesting while making some extra cash??

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