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Any custom preconditioning yard operations?

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Dec 28, 2009
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Does anyone run a custom preconditioning yard on here? Just curios wanting some info from different parts of the country
Were just considering building a small yard to do some of our own cattle and some custom. Have been doing some at home already, but tired of running pairs next to stockers. Just wanting any info that would come to you head, dos and donts about construction on a yard, and thing that you guys have learned by experience type of deal
bunk space is one that comes to mind , we like to see there is no competition at the bunk and a good ration with a grass hay content , these larger lots up here always have problem with lite and fresh weaned calves getting them started , the last few years they've been putting just straight hay in the receiving pens .
What is yardage running in different parts of the country? Also how much feed mark up and chute charge? Around here its 30-40 cent yardage with a 10% markup on feed and meds and a $2 one time chute fee. Also does anyone have an niches such as custom bull or heifer development? Were thinking of growing some bulls and maybe taking 100 heifers to grow and custom AI. We would have 40 acres of pen space and 60 acres of turnout grass as well.
sounds about right , we charge buy the day .35 yardage, market value for feed and 2.50 chute charge including if we have to treat , we feel we should charge something for a pull . cost on the drugs
you charge a chute charge at processing, and on a pull?? What do you feed and how do you come up with the customers cost? Some ad 10% of their cost , others use just a value of feed, or $/ hd/ day
yes there is a chute fee for both , we have a vertical mixer cutter with a scale and thats how we charge for feed, tack on your yardage and straw, that will give you dollars per head per day. they best way to charge is on a as fed basis not on dry matter .
In our part of the country we dont do much for straw bedding so we would probably skip that. How do you charge for the straw, just out of curiosity? Also how do you charge on a grazing type situation.
no straw , that's one of the reason's why we feed calves, guess your buying all your feed, sorry just having fun , don't know if I've ever want to do a grazing type situation , the way we look at is were get paid something for improvements, equipment, labor and feed don't know how you'd charge yardage on a 4 wire fence seems to me all you'd be able to charge for is your feed , but your in a different part of the world
Can you show me a drawing of how your feed pens are designed? We are hoping to build pens with concrete bunks, and have some turn out grass traps. Also how many cattle do you have space for in each pen
A smart old feedlot operator gone cow/calf once told me that if a cattleman feels the need to pour concrete, he should take two Aspirin and go to bed. Common sense may return in the morning. :wink: :lol:
Alright, I'll admit it. I don't understand exactly what a "preconditioning yard" is all about.

Someone splain me that. :D
Whitewing said:
Alright, I'll admit it. I don't understand exactly what a "preconditioning yard" is all about.

Someone splain me that. :D

It is basically a feedlot that takes calves in for the winter growing them out to go back to grass for the summer or up about 850 lbs then they go to a "Feedlot" for finishing at about 1350lbs.
the feed lot here in Missouri were I help a friend is a preconditioning feed lot for the Missouri defintion.....he takes any size calfs.. and trains them to know what a feed bunk and a waterer are he gives them all there shots . mostly bought at a sale barn the are qrouped by size and sex....they are not put on FULL FEED ...when they get to the right size .which changes as price of inputs and price of cattle changes...they are then shipped to a full feed feed lot...most the time they are shipped to fill a full pen at the new feed lot to cut down on co-mingling

Whitewing said:
Alright, I'll admit it. I don't understand exactly what a "preconditioning yard" is all about.

Someone splain me that. :D

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