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Any questions about Australia that intrigues you?

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A lot of marsupials in Australia, all of 'em are native to ya but the opposum, right? Any explanations on as to why that is?
Colin, I used to date a girl from there who could drink me under the table. She said drinking was the national pastime. Is drinking alcohol that prevalent there or was she lying?
Colin, Does Australia have a BSE survelance program, and if so,which tests do they use?? Bio-rad? IHC?? Western BLOT??? Prionics??
Three answers,
1. The possum is a pest that was introduced (Can't remember how) Our other Marsupials are Koalas,Kangaroos,The Wallaby,Wallaroo,Platypus etc.

2. Not all Australians are "Pisspots",Drunks or Alcoholics. I'd say the girl that was spoken about must have spent time in the Northern Territory or out in the western parts where there is little else to do supposedly.

3. No as far as I know we don't have any Tests for BSE, there probably are tests especially if an animal is behaving unusually. I have no experience with any tests.


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