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Anybody been clotheslined? It's a bad situation.

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Been There

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Apr 23, 2005
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Norther Nebraska Sandhills
Underwear Undoin’

In the old days on the range,
long ago, way back when.
The living was mighty tough,
And men were damned sure men.

The land, it sorely tried them,
And it whipped a few.
It was hell on horses and women,
so they had to be formidable too.

Ike and Slim and Jake were
ridin’ back from a cattle drive.
They was plumb tuckered out,
havin’ hit the saddle before five.

They were ridin’ Injun silent,
Thinkin’ about beddin’ for the night.
When they rode up over a hill,
and a ranch house hove in sight.

With seein’ a possible haven,
Ike’s spirits began to soar.
Comedian, prankster of the trio,
he figured he’d pull one more.

“Jake’s horse looks a might droopy,
‘spose there’s some life left in him”.
With a wicked grin he uncoiled his rope,
and tossed one end to Slim.

Jake was dozing in the saddle,
the old pony ambling down the trail.
When his partners raced on by,
…jerkin’ the rope under the horse’s tail.

Jake survived the dastardly attack.
and he was doin’ right fine.
He hadn’t yet grabbed leather…
when they went under the clothes line.

The lady had just hung her wash
before the buckin’ binge.
In her laundry was a bunch of
…not cowboy type underthings.

Jake put on a hell of a ride,
looked like he was gonna get by.
But he was handicapped some, ridin’ blind,
With the lingerie coverin’ his eyes.

And when he lost a stirrup,
Ol’ Jake, he lost the race.
He settled blissfully to sleep,
with them undies clingin’ to his face.

Jake unfurled his banner
as he struggled to his knees.
In wondrous awe he postulated,
“it’d take a lot of woman gonna fill these”.

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