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Anyone up for a Ranchersnet Get-Together in Sept?

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Feb 10, 2005
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Some months ago some of us talked about a get-together in some "central" location when I mentioned I'll be out west (Colorado) for a combination vacation/business trip and then plan on traveling around and seeing some other areas. Is anyone still interested in a restaurant get-together? MRJ had listed a couple towns she thought might be central to a variety of states though I can't find the list in the archives. My time-frame seems to be anywhere from Sep 3 through 12.
Sounds like a darned good idea, nr!!! I'm sure up for it and more than ready to meet some of the interesting, controversial and the wonderful folks i have gotten to know here on ranchers!! Come on, folks!! What say you???? :D :D :D
This thread was also printed on the Ranch Talk forum where most of answers have been entered. If you are interested, please switch over. :D
That sounds like fun but I am still cutting hay in september and sometimes in October. The best time for me is Nov. through mid Feb. I also hear that Nashville is a nice place for a vaction.

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