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Sep 5, 2005
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north of Texas

I discovered this young artist in Canada. No cows but lovely outdoors paintings. I just bought 2 from her. The other is a small beach.
She was guest artist in residence at Prince Edward Island. I saw her work in Charlottetown.

She's from Maine. She paints Maine and PEI.

Like your picture. Are you an art collector?

Can't understand how some folks paint ugly scenes such as grey dirty factories, town dumps, studies of pavement cracks etc. yet they'll do whole groupings of them and some get purchased and hung in museums.

Coming home from the Deadwood get-together I sat beside a college art major who is a welder/pipefitter by trade, paints landscapes but they are aerial views "sort of" he said and he spent two years on a California ranch/alfalfa farm. Wish I could have seen some examples of the art that results from that interesting background.
katrina said:
I love art. Took 4 years in High School, but can't say I have a thing to show for it. I always wanted to sculptor and bronze. Someday maybe...

My mom's an artist -- welded/cast bronze jewelry and sculpture. She traded pieces for paintings so our house was full of huge modern paintings. I envy you having ability/ talent and encourage you to just start working in bronze. I used to weld (very very small heads) oxyacetelyne in the jewelry business as a young girl to help my mom summers although I've never sculpted. I prefer clay and sewing and junk sculpture to metal. Photography is nice too. Wish I could paint.
I painted an old out house once,that oughta count for some thing.............good luck
I've painted about 1500 livestock trailers (Boy now I know why I hate Painting)
Aside from spray paint, maybe the prettiest kind of paint
is a paint horse. Now doesn't that sound pure Ranchersnet?