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At the end of the day

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Feb 14, 2005
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At the end of the day, as the sun's going down'
I hope that your day went well, I'm not wearing a frown.
The birds are all singing, their going to bed songs,
And I'm hearing the peepers, they are singing along.
If I hear all of these good things, I know as a matter of fact,
the drought is behind us, hope it never, ever wants to come back.
The whoooohooo of the night hawk, it's loud and it is strong,
That means there's water, and mosquitoes to go along.
There's grass for the cattle, they are happy and they are free,
The cowboys are all grinning, there is sweet green grass to see.
We can make it another year, is the cowboy's joke,
Just another dime or two, to put in the cowboys poke.
We don't do this to get rich or take it for it's worth,
Just do this cause we are born and raised, living on this earth.
Just watching the sun go down, simple things, isn't it a wonder?
Makes you want to sit alone, maybe even think, of things way up yonder.
Hope the man upstairs remembers us, when our name is finally called,
I just hope his memory and his recollections aren't going to be stalled.
For all of the long nights we cared, for his bovine creatures,
In His daily plan of things, our wrecks are the main features.
For all of the good things He gave us, we must give Him a laugh,
I am just thankful, He didn't give me sheep and a staff.
The kids have all been put down, snuggled in their beds,
Me, I am just enjoying life, with the one that I wed.
The darkness is settling in, stars are coming out,
All of these little things, that's what life's about.
And of the troubles of the day, go on, just forget 'er,
Tomorrow is on the way, and she is going to be even better.

Scott Wiley 2005
and a new day begins, with the birds calling loud,
"hurry up, get up" before there's a cloud.
sun slanting across the green grass a-waving,
calves up and at 'em, their mom's milk a craving.
cock pheasant crowing, rabbit's knowing, that soon the
varmint dog is coming a calling...

oh well--didn't know i had THAT in me! i love spring, high-tailed calves and colts, green sprouting!

had a good friend went to a branding in (i think) wy last week--they were telling the kids to get pics 'cause it was GREEN. might not see it again in their lifetime! :D hope that's not so.....
excellent my dear :shock: You will amaze yourself if you try. go for it, we will love it. Just takes the cahones to try.
well, it started out kinda good but went down-hill fast. thanks though, sw, maybe i'll get inspired again. hope not for y'all's sake, but hey, nothing like a captive audience, eh?

i'm not sure about the cajones part, but i have to admit that i was reminded once that there IS a difference between tough and stupid. don't guess which i qualified for, ok? it's embarassing enough... :oops:

Don't give up...you were really on a roll....and you don't need "cajones". We ladies can write good poetry without them!!! :wink: :wink: :wink:
thanks, hanta yo--it's a good thing we don't "need" cajones, right? or where would the world be?? oh-let's not even go there :)

i think i'll post a piece i wrote 9 years ago, in honor of my dad, and memorial day. hope it doesn't make anyone cry like it does me whenever i re-read it. but it's my dad-what can i say....

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