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at the sale barn

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Jul 4, 2005
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At the sale barn last week there was a fellow setting several rows behind me but talking so loud I overheard this joke.

Linda and Susie were discussing why Susie was still a virgin even though she was married to her third husband.

Susie said, “well, Joe, my first husband, was a drunk. He was never sober long enough to take care of business. Bill, my second husband, turned out to be gay. I divorced him as soon as I realized that.”

“What about George, your current husband,” asked Linda.

“Oh, George,” said Susie. “He’s a Republican. He sets on the edge of the bed every night and tells me how good it’s gonna be.”

I thought it was a funny joke, of course. But what really struck me was the fact it was told in a loud voice at the sale barn and everyone that I saw laughed. Last year at this time, anyone telling that joke would have been carried out on a rail!

When I recently watched George W. Bush tell people whose homes, businesses, families, lives, were damaged or destroyed by Katrina how good it was gonna be, that joke came to mind. And when he told all of us that we can rebuild the Gulf Coast by cutting unnecessary Federal spending, I wondered again what planet he lives on.


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Jul 27, 2005
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Well..if he'd quit flying back and forth to the Gulf all the time....save all that tax payers money for security, staffing, etc and GAS for vehicles involved.....that'd at least re-do one hosptial or 2 bridges!!!

Had a buddy was was part of the AirForce One staff for Bush the First....he said you would not believe all the expense and " fluff" involved in getting a Prez from here to there.

Keep his butt in DC....do his job @ his desk....and let the people do their job instead of having to wait around to shake his hand.

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