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ATTN Murgen!!!

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Is Murgen Happier today?

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Mar 13, 2005
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Southern Montana
You seem to be happier today, maybe because it quit snowing? I left for a while, maybe that was it, I was racing my pickup in town at the Diesel Show. I had fun, and I am sure in a good mood.
You do seem happier today. Posting polls here, and jokes on coffee talk. Better watch it, some of us just might start to like you! :lol:
That's good, unlike some that have the same opinions all the time, I am open minded and react to the material that is sent my way. I will deflect with what is thrown. Throw truth, I will too. Throw poop and you will get that back in buckets! but thanks for noticing my change in attitude! It's all relative!
If I come to Ontario, or you to Montana we should have a beer, and a long debate. That being said, you better come down here, my new pickup with the R-CALF sticker in the window will get vandilized if it goes to canada.
Oh, by the way, I voted yes, seeing as I'm the only one who would know the the truth on the question!
I agree with the majority, murgen!!! good to hear from you on the coffee shop!! hate always having to come to the bull session to read your words of wisdom :) :) kind of curious, though!! when you said it was "all relative", you have me wondering if there is a hidden "meaning"...what? did a rich in-law or uncle or long lost brother die and leave you everything?? :wink: you know...."relative" :wink:

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