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Aussies on Japan and Why

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The Aussies on Japan

Samantha Jamieson, regional manager for Meat and Livestock Australia in Japan, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) that the Japanese are getting along well without U.S. beef.

"According to research, which we've seen in the media in Japan and also of our own research, two-thirds of Japanese consumers have indicated that they're not willing to purchase U.S. beef," Jamieson told ABC's National Rural News program. "Where the U.S. will probably be able to get back in, is in food service, where there's no identification required as to where the beef came from."
USDA reads the Japanese polls like tea leaves ,ever new leaf a new revelation .that 's only what they expect for consumers in another country,and they think their stupid.Look what USDA did for beef when Europe said NO MORE HORMONE BEEF.Well we sure know were we stand.

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