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B Ward

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Dec 22, 2007
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SW Alberta
Looks like the creek past your place was a bit out of control. :shock: :shock:
oh yah! This is a first in the 30+ years we've been here. I took a lot of pics but won't have time to put them on for a while because we'll be fencing for days. All the creek crossing fences are wiped out. Bought a load of those "one time" fence posts that are sucker rod with nails welded on them to hold the wire. They sure go into the soft areas easily and are supposed to stay put. We'll see. The real problem is that my new house was going to be delivered yesterday so that got put on hold again. I was supposed to get it in February and each delivery date was met with weather woes. Deep and heavy sigh.







I really feel for you. This is a pain!

I put in a 50' steel walk bridge 23 years ago and it got taken out this spring by a 3' in diamiter tree about 60' long as it came down the creek so I put it back.

After 7 hours of work with a backhoe and skid steer I thought it was better than it had been in the first place - - - the next night we got 5" of rain in about 3 hours and washed the bridge out again.

I put it back a week later after the creek went down. The following night we got 3" in 15 minutes and it washed out again. I am waiting for the water to go down and I will put it back again. I hope for the last time!

I just got a field of hay baled and it rained as I was finishing the last bale and we have rain in the forcast 6 of the next 8 days! I still have 5 fields that have not been cut this year.

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