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Back grounding calves

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Feb 13, 2005
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I like tapping into all the differnt folks opinions that post the ranch page,and I was wondering how you market your calve crop,I try to early ween all my calves,TX weather almost demands it.Back ground them till they are 8 weight,then to local sale barns,make use of all the home grown feed I can,usually good cane type hays,"Red top ,hybrid sorgum sudans etc.and a simple ration of milled grains from the local mill that tests about 30% natural protein,give em the required shots and band em when they are about 6 weight,I keep it pretty simple.I used to have cotton seed milled, and delivered in bulk mix it up here at the place with tub grinder,have a few old recipe mixes but I believe I do better just letting the folks at the mill do it.What do you think?................good luck PS yes my calves are good enough to sell on the grid,that's a completely differnt story for the "bull session''.
Haymaker, how many calves? Could you group them by gender. and grab a premium by selling direct to a feedlot?

Not sure if in your area that you have those buying "shortkeeps", in this area, we have cash croppers that are willing to winter calves, or finish those heavier weight calves!
I got 63 after the weather turns cooler and they settle down,Ill go thru them and see if any of them look like they will make replacement heifers.Thanks for the advice..............good luck
My buyer wanted my calves backgrounded this year so I found a new buyer.I have plenty of work to do in the fall dont need a bunch of calf chores...

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