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Mountain Cowgirl

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Mar 19, 2021
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N.E. Oregon
I call balderdash! Ranchers do not start to look like the animals they are around the most. Last afternoon at friends this was the topic of discussion. They showed many examples of compelling photographic evidence, all horses, and dogs and their owners that did have a resemblance.

They all agreed since I was around cattle more than any other animal in my life, I did in fact look like a cow. No one said old, but I got the drift. I called balderdash and auction day cow poo but they insisted I was in denial. I admitted to being in Denio for a short time years ago when I made a trip to Nevada, but that was in the past.

This morning I took this photo of myself, from last winter, cut it out of its mundane background, and overlayed it on a cow photo to prove to them, I do not resemble a cow in any way. I am emailing them all now and expect apologies within the hour.

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