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Bale Moisture Probes

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Feb 10, 2005
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Central Saskatchewan
I lent my probe to my cousin and he ran over it smashing it to pieces. :mad: I've come to rely very heavily on probes when baling alfalfa and green feed to bale at optimum moisture for storage and retaining maximum quality. This probe was made by DANI electronics from Alberta (Farmex components) and apparrantly they have gone out of business. Anyone know of alternatives for service? As well would appreciate comments on other brands of moisture testers......it seems they are in short supply due to the wet conditions this summer!
The Vermeer dealer here has some. Let me know if that would help you out at all. I would be glad to provide his phone number. That is probably too far away to do much good as fast as you probably need it. Just thought I'd make the offer anyway.

Good Luck finding one!
Where did you buy it? Most New Holland dealers sell probes, that's where we got ours. Couldn't bale without it now!
What does a probe look like? I always used the method of grabing a double handfull and twisting to check for mosture. :???:

Will tell you some about hay probes.

Some even mount on the baler.
Spring Creek Ag Supply in Deshler Nebraska sells one of the better probes. has an attachment to check windrows for moisture . I highly reccomend them
Alabama said:
What does a probe look like? I always used the method of grabing a double handfull and twisting to check for mosture. :???:

Say Bama if you are good at twisting hay,like some of these old coots around here,and you arent gonna put it in a shed you can get by,but I have a neighbor that caught his hay shed on fire not once but twice,some of us around here started thinking maybe some one was setting it on fire,so its a good idea to test it for moisture,lot cheaper than a hay shed..............good luck
My baler "tests" the hay for me. If it is too green, it won't accept it. Besides, I'd rather bale hay two days too dry than two hours too green. Stacking was a different deal What is just right for stacking, is probably too green for baling.
We have a dummie monitor on our 8440 that tells me if it's too geen, In the last 4 years I have learned a bunch about putting up quality alfalfla. Every field is differant and every night is differant. I can't imagine haying without one...
Katrina you are right. I use a 2 moisture testers, one is a probe and the other is my hand. If i only used one I wouldn't get a lot of hay put up right.
Faster Horses.....Thanks for the offer but I've tracked one down a bit closer to home. The high humidity, heavy dews and light showers have made haying a real test of patience this year! The consolation is that it is an excellent cut and we will actually have HAY this year instead of being forced to graze it. Take care!
You betcha!! Glad you found one. I thought it might be too far away in terms of amount of time to get one to you.

Good luck now with your hay!!

We are almost to our last field, but it is a pretty big field. Our fields are so rough it is hard to go fast. My hubby tries to take good care of his machinery. The fella we have running the baler is a good hand, but he isn't afraid to go a little faster, so does get more wrapped up in a day. We haven't had hardly any rained on hay.

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