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Feb 13, 2005
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A no-holds-barred discussion of NCBA, R-CALF, COOL, USDA and the things that affect cattle prices.


:) Good old HAT only shows how good we can all be at biting our lips. His remarks either deserve no response, or a wise remark to make HAT look like the funny little thing on the top of some people's heads that relates to problems with a person's brain.

Let him stay, but stay away from him if you can't handle it.

HAT stays, as long as I can make fun of the OLD guy once in a while.
I say let him stay. Once the censorship starts its a slippery slope. Whose next? If you can't take the comments just don't click on them. Simple!!!!!!!
Topper said:
I say let him stay. Once the censorship starts its a slippery slope. Whose next? If you can't take the comments just don't click on them. Simple!!!!!!!

Agreed!! I usually read what he says so that i can have my daily (sometimes "yearly") does of sarcasm and to remind myself to be grateful for those in my life who are "literate" and loving and just happy to be alive!!! without the occassional rain storm, how can you enjoy the sunshine of those like sw, hanta yo, faster horses, katrina, casa paloma, shelly and even Murgen ( :wink: ).......Hat simply serves as a reminder that not all people are open-minded and willing to hear out all sides of an issue!!!
may you all have a wonderful evening.....afterall, tomorrow is MONDAY!! :eek: :eek: :eek:
Even though I find some of his remarks quite distaseful, he is no worse than a few others on here, including myself. I've exchanged some pretty nasty words with him on occasion, but I'm learning to control my temper. Let him stay, if for nothing else, the entertainment factor is worth putting up with him.
Nope - he stays.

I figure he steps out of line once in a while - but I have certainly seen others do as bad. So, he is not alone.

Far as I am concerned this is a "No Holds Barred" section. To me that means anything goes. Can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen.

My two cents.

Never seen a farmer or a rancher without his hat..... :hat:

Keep the little son of a gun. He keeps things lively around here, and if there's one thing we don't need it's censorship. I think we're all smart enough not to take his rants too personally.

As we always say, "Everyone needs a good s%$t once in a while." :D
Can't imagine the place without Rat.... ooops... Hat. Keep him. I kinduv enjoy his narrow minded little rants. He's kinda like a young, brash OT before he lost his mind. :wink:
Without a little disagreement with our own opinions occasionally, we might start to believe that our thoughts are the only correct thoughts. I don't mind his disagreements - his rudeness and style is particularly abrasive to me and apparently others but I don't have skin so thin that I can't take it. He kinda makes me ashamed to be a University of Nebraska alumni. Let the little twerp stay.
I voted that he should stay primarily because I believe in freedom of speech. The fact that he spends most of his time slagging the Canadian producers occasionally gets to me and makes me drop to his level but he is fully entitled to his opinions as I am to mine.
Think of Hats poor mother. If he wasn't on here he will be bugging here for another $5 for vidio games.
Let him stay. It gives us a glimps of how trailer trash thinks.

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