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Barry may release Osama snuff video today

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This is going to be good if he does...it will have to be a hollywood production of some sort if he does this....i cannot wait....just remember i said it was fake when you see it if he does release this...they are working on post production right now...

photos are almost all touched up to match their stories....get ready for some real moronic crap that most Americans are going to eat up..

just as Barry was born in Kenya yet now has a birth certificate from Hawaii, here comes the best production yet...helmet cam snuff film of Osama directed by barry and gang...
If Barry is involved, wouldn't it be animated? No photo touch up seems applicable. Unless this dude is going to talk in front of the camera for another 30 minutes and never say a thing.
Shamu. Would you admit something for us?

Would you just admit that no matter what evidence the US government ever produces about anything you'll not accept it?

Hijackers take over airliners.......Shamu: Where's the video of them getting on the plane?

Video of airliners striking the World Trade Centers.....Shamu: Where's the proof that they brought down the buildings?

Dozens of people watch an airliner strike the Pentagon.......Shamu: Where's the video of the airliner striking the Pentagon?

You see what I mean? No matter what evidence is ever presented to you, it will never rise to the level of proof that you demand.

Which still has me puzzeled why you accepted Bush's and the MSM's word that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

I'm guessing there must have been some blame-the-jew connection there that worked for you in your tortured mind.

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