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BC Branding Pics

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Nice pictures, Silver. Looks like you have a "south paw" even though you live so far north. Good looking cattle and horses, being well cared for in a pretty country. Thanks for posting your photos.
Silver, that was swell!! Thanks for the glimpse of branding in your country.

Looks a little like Alan Jackson in the background in the one picture (the hole in the jeans at the knee!! LOL!!!)

And some of the pictures came through in black and white~how did you do that?

Also, I have some branding pictures I want to e-mail and it is taking forever to send them. I finally gave up. They were sent to me taking up the whole screen and I read somewhere if you send them on, it works better to send them smaller because it doesn't take nearly as long. Can anyone tell me how to size them down? When I get it worked out, I will post them here. Hope others post pictures of their brandings as well.

We are having problems getting younger (meaning school-age) wrestlers~looks to be the same up there, Silver. Am I correct?
Thanks for the compliment, Soapweed. Means a lot from someone I respect.
Yes, I have a "soutpaw". Quite often gets me in a jam when roping off other peoples horses. Funny how a horse needs to learn everything twice, once for each side.

Faster Horses, my digital camera takes pics in colour and b&w. My wife like the b&w. As far as resizing the photo's, you should be able to resize them. Usually if you have any kind of a picture viewer you can resize your image from there under the edit option. About 600pixles x 400 or so will get 'em down to a size that sends ok.
We are going through a bit of a generation turnover here now, but I think in 5 or 6 years there should be lots of teenagers to wrestle. There is still no shortage of help though, around here branding is more popular than most hollidays. There is a lot of really good calf wrestlers around here, and most of 'em aren't afraid to yell to the newbies: "pull the tail ACROSS the rope, dang it!!!!!! and "lift on that rope!"
Please post your pics soon, I love to see pics. It's good to see other people, their operations and their country.
Silver-THANKS! the whole operation was great-good cattle,horses,country and great people.I am glad that there is some country that still has the younger generation interested and that will work. Here in our area-Mid Kansas there would not be that many in the whole county to come to a branding(or people you would want to come). So like I have said before-it is a family branding with 4 of us so we use a calf table and works ok for us. WE finally finished Sat.with the last 100 pairs - started at 8 am and were done by 2 pm -ran all cows thru tub and poured and 2 shots and did some branding of new cows to herd The calves got 2 shots,casterated,implant steers,fly tag and branded. I am thankful for the life style we can still have.
DO you work your cows also in the spring?
Have a great year!
thanks for sharing the pics Silver, can't have too many pictures. Like the looks of the country, and branding is about the same everywhere. Thanks again.

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