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BC Matrix

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Apr 3, 2011
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Anyone used this bull? Thoughts comments? Picked up a decent looking son at a good price to clean up with.
I agree Denny his photo looks terrible almost like someone done some bad photo shopping. But at this same sale I seen 3 daughters that looked good. And two bulls one of which I bought. I have never used him AI myself mainly because I had never seen any progeny and the sorry photo of him.
I've had a Matrix son for 2 calf crops. I've never run him by himself but I see no reason not to like him. He's a good looking bull and I expect him to be an udder improver. Probably would buy another if he came from a good cow.
I find that if I like one bull in the pen I think the better calves are his. Not always true.
BC Matrix. If it's actually possible, this is one Angus bull that will remove marbling from the Angus breed in a big hurry. With a .04 marbling EPD, a ribeye steak from one of his calves will eat like an alligator hide. I don't know, I'm a a little skeptical of a bull that was raised by the show boys in Missouri. I'm sure the bull you bought will work well for you and you must have liked what you saw.
His carcass scans are as follows. These are actual scans not adjusted as he was too young to fit into the contemporary group that was tested.

Ribfat .35 rumpfat .35 RE 12.5 IMF 4.26
he had a scrotal of 33.5 and had a 3.82 adg
Bw 2.8 ww48 yw88 m21
Nothing super flashy but just looked to be solid all around. I expect him to calve easier than his epds predicted also.
mATRIX is deep and long but super narrow from behind. there are way better bulls out there, few worse.

epds are just average, for growth and carcass. thats one small scrotal. your calves will likely calve easy but have some weight, they are so narrow and long which makes it easy
Rather have avg than extreme one way or the other. He isn't too narrow himself. As for scrotal for a bull that was 10 1/2 months old that's not that small IMO.
Justin said:
Denny said:
I can't get past the blubber fat photo of him in the genex catalog.

:lol: :lol: i've thought the very same thing.

It slays me that these bull studs can't go to the trouble to get a good photo of a bull in the right condition. Perhaps this bull never has seen the "right condition", but still...

Okay, that's getting to be a bit of a tangent.
I asked about Matrix a few years back and was advised against using
him AI for several reasons. He is a big bull.

Remember tho, you have a son of Matrix and another cow family
in there. Hopefully that will help. I even think we discussed Matrix
here a few years back. I'll try and find the thread.

Good luck.

Edited to add the link to the Matrix discussion back in 1996!


And a discussion in 2010:

I went to look a some Matrix yearling bulls earlier this spring and thought they were to narrow on top. I ended up buying some sons of TC Freedom instead, paid more money for them but I'm happy with them they were a lot thicker and meatier than the Matrix bull with a great dispostion to boot.
We have some Matrix daughters in production, they are long and deep with beautiful udders, he worked for us. That being said a good friend used him after seeing our heifers and it was not good he got tall and narrow, so I guess it is how you mate him.

I used him for 2009 calves and they were pretty good. My high selling bull was a Matrix out of a 6595 cow and the guy that bought him wishes I had more of them. I had a few other bulls out of him that were pretty good. I have a few 1st calvers by him that are pretty good cows so far. They are real pretty looking cows with good udders. The only thing I would change on them is they could be a little more "showring" correct on their legs, but they can still walk!!

He did alright for us, but not going to say I would really use him again. I have a few straws left, and will use him up, but like others say, there are better bulls out there.

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