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MN Farm Girl

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Dec 30, 2006
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Southwest MN
I don't know if any of you read the Beef Daily magazine, but there is a section from their webiste that I would love to share with ya'll. Back in December I attended the Minnesota State Cattlemans Convention as our county's Beef Ambassador. We had the privledge of listening to an amazing young woman speak. Amanda Radke is from a South Dakota ranch family, and she is an advocate for agricultre. She is the young lady associated with the mass of FFA Members that walked out of Carrie Underwood's concert 5 years ago in Indianapolis. Amanda organized the walk-out after hearing that Underwood supports HSUS and she is from a cattle ranch family in Oklahoma!! Amanda keeps a blog on the Beef Daily site, and I thought I would share. And as her blog for this week, thank you to all the Dads out there that have shared the ranching and farming way of life with the younger generation and helping to preserve the cowboy way of life. Here is the link, enjoy!

I did not personally meet her, but we were front and center at the Convention. I did talk to her via Facebook and thanked her for what she does and the inspiritation she gave me. She seems like a true genunie advocate for our industry and the younger generation. I would like to visit with her one on one some day though.
They were standing for something they didn't believe in. It's not
always about money. Get it?

I'm not sure they have to pay for the entertainment or not.
Not that it matters, whatever, they figured it wasn't worth it.
If you don't stand for something, you'll FALL for anything.

I was proud of them for walking out. She was against their
livlihood. The person who booked her in the first place should
have been fired, IMO.
She was a speaker for our Annie's Project this spring. She is a multi-talented young lady, who is very savvy when it comes to educating the public and being a spokesperson for the beef producers. She has what it takes to stay calm and cool with many of the nutjobs that would like to see our way of life go by the wayside. Her story of the FFA National convention is quite humorous-- South Dakota can be very proud of her!
Seems silly to pay money to see Carrie Underwood and then walk out on her. Young people these days...

They paid for the tickets because the National FFA Organization gets a portion of the profit. They didn't pay just to see her, it was more to promote an organization that all thousand of the kids love. I was not personally at the convention the year this happened, but all Amanda did was send out a facebook invite to all to join her. She and all FFA members like myself stand for our livlihood (sp?), the farming and ranching business. Like FH said, If you don't stand for something, you'll FALL for anything. Amanda updates her blog daily and I highly suggest all read it periodically. There is one particular post about a city girl that goes to Texas A&M to learn about her food and how to promote our industry...here is the link to that one.

Amanda has become a wonderful asset to the cattle industry and food production in general.

She is a great example of family, school, 4-H, FFA, and definitely of the Beef Checkoff programs helping with training and encouraging young people in the beef industry.

Seeing Amanda 'grow' from her Beef Ambassador days to this current endeavor, has been interesting, and validation of those Beef Checkoff programs. I've had the privilege of seeing, helping with, and participating in some of those training sessions over the past 50+ years of involvement in cattle producer organizations, including as a director of SD BIC for a few years. I know you will continue to find great ways to serve 'our' chosen industry for years to come, Amanda.

Maxine Jones

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