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Been Busy

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Feb 10, 2005
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N.E. Oregon
Hi all, Boy I guess I've been gone awhile...Soapweed appears to have gotten famous since I've been here! :) Sorry to hear about all the rain in Manitoba, how far south does it go? We have friends in Melita. We've gotten 1/2 inch in the last couple days, which is great even if we do have hay down :? :???: :cry: It's hard to be happy in this business :!:
Our nephew came back to work for us for the rest of the summer. He was going to stay in Idaho and work at a tack shop but after doing that for several months decided that things out here were'nt so bad :) He's pretty good help when he's not thinking about girls :wink: He's 19 and goes into the army reserves in Sept. so we're glad he's here for awhile.
Hubby is mowing some weeds since he can't cut hay today. We all went to church, then dropped him off at the weed patch. So I thought I'd check in here.
Hope all you folks in the south stay dry during Dennis, and that the Hurricanes hold out. Hope you in the north dry out too. Have a good week!
Hey Nicky, glad to see you back! How's that pretty heifer you have there doing?

Today was my day off. The boys must've been feeling sorry for me, I got out of bed this morning tireder than when I crawled in to it last night. And I did absolutely nothing at all today! Pure heaven! They were both out cutting hay, and it wasn't bad in this tincan of a trailer that we live in, so I just held the couch down. But come Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday when it's supposed to be 90 something degrees, I WANT MY AIR-CONDITIONED TRACTOR BACK!!! We have alot of hay cut down, but we're having trouble getting it baled up because the humidity is always so high. Maybe we'll get lucky, and it'll be windy those hot days and they can get a bit of it rolled up.

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