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Crawford resignation may delay feed ban changes, cloned beef decision

by Pete Hisey on 10/4/2005 for Meatingplace.com

Two issues that were moving toward resolution early this fall may have been sidetracked by the unexpected resignation of Lester Crawford as head of the Food and Drug Administration in late September.

FDA had indicated that a new, tougher version of the animal feed ban was nearly ready for release, and some industry reports indicate that the new ban may have been behind Crawford's sudden resignation. If, as FDA indicated in September, the new ban is virtually identical to Canada's feed ban, it would disallow plate waste, poultry litter and bovine blood in the feed supply. These are highly profitable niches for products that otherwise have little or no value, and players in those niches have fought bitterly to hold on to their markets.

FDA is also reportedly ready to approve sale of beef from cloned cows and their offspring, according to a report in the Miami Herald. Suppliers say the meat would most likely come from the offspring, since cloned breeding is an expensive proposition, but there would not likely be differentiation in the rule allowing such sales. If such a recommendation is forthcoming, it will be subject to a lengthy public discussion period and will likely come in for criticism, as well as unfavorable press coverage. FDA had intended to make the announcement within a few weeks, but Crawford's exit may move the issue to the back burner, at least temporarily. Crawford, speaking shortly before he resigned, said FDA is well aware that the move is controversial, but scientific studies indicate that meat and milk from cloned cattle is safe.
Oldtimer, if you want to read about a bought and paid for government, read Robert F. Kennedy Jr's. newest book, "Crimes Against Nature". It will make your skin crawl.

Ban the blood, if Vodyanoy is correct, there are many "Proteon Nucleating Centers" (consisting of metalic nanoclusters) which could be triggering prion disease. A cow should not be forced to eat "meat products".
This does not include milk, of course, which for now, is a product of various farm animals.

As for eating cloned beef. The issue here will probably center more around the control of the industry, and the long term consequences of a mono-breed style system.

Personally, I think cloning animals is just wrong.

Perhaps man has already gone too far, using animal products in the manufacturing vaccines for humans.

The people working for the government that are getting fed up with the manipulation of democracy, need to hang in there and holler louder.

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