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Big Muddy story.

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Big Muddy rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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Big Muddy valley
This is a story written by our former conservation officer about our area and the picture is on our place. http://www.saskgamewarden.com/favplace-f2002.shtml
Juan said:
You sure it's your place BMR?I can see some trees. :(

Juan we have trees I just make those comment for the sake of people that can't believe there are places that don't. Most of our trees are in the bottoms of the coulees or side hills and very few on the tops of the hills or benches. We are about 90 miles to Sidney MT and on the way they have those Cedars along the missouri breaks but none of them show up here. Most of the coulees talked about in the article are on our place and we are 5 miles to the Outlaw caves.
BMR, have you seen that moose lately? Just to let you know, I have a background on my computer that looks much the same as the one you posted! :D
No I haven't seen the moose again but their was a sighting reported in the Plentwood paper so matbe it went on a walk about.

Glad you survived Calgary, I hear it can be dangerous to ones health. :wink:
Absolutely beautiful country! Have to schedule a trip up there soon and see it in person.

Roped a moose once while out canoeing with a friend that use to live up there. Ride of my life. Tore up a canoe and had to hike about 15 miles back to the truck. Moose didn't look that big while in the water. Figured I'd roped bigger steers so wouldn't be a problem. Then he decided to go ashore and I couldn't get the rope untied from the canoe in time. Wouldn't recommend doing that again.

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