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Feb 10, 2005
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Next week, another big ocean storm will plow into the western United States. The biggest impact will be felt in California. The storm will produce heavy, windswept rain on the coast and road clogging snow in the mountains. This could be just one of a series of storms that arrives on the West Coast next week. If so, that could spell real trouble in terms of additional flooding and dangerous mudslides. There is a chance that one of these storms will couple with a cold blast drilling southward into the central states. Watch out for a significant winter storm if that happens. We will keep you updated since this will become next week`s big weather headline. Story by AccuWeather.com senior meteorologist John Kocet.
Manitoba Rancher - Thanks for the weather heads-up. Do you suppose there is any chance of rain or snow for western South Dakota? It's so dry it's getting scary here. This beautiful, warm weather is gonna kill us!

Its warm as heck here too . Just came in from checking on the cows that are calving its 32F so its darn nice. We ve still got tonnes of snow here. I may have to post a picture on here of the trail I ve got out into the field to feed cows. Im not sure if your in for any snow/rain or not. Heard its fairly dry in southern Alberta too.
Warm and dry here in Oregon, Green Grass growing. we desperately nee a good snow storm. I see a lot of folks starting spring chores in the subdivision. Until Feb is done, we are always at risk for one hard cold snap and snow,

I just came from Sheridan, Wyoming today and it really is dry most everywhere. Sheridan had some snow, but didn't take long to get out of it. The grass is turning green north of Sheridan, on the south slopes and in the protected areas!! My gosh, it is only the middle of February! I don't know what to think.
Thats hard to believe green grass this early in the year for there. We ve still gots lots of snow but it is melting slowly. I seen the long term forecast for here and by Thursday we are suppose to be into a three day snow. I guess we'll have to wait and see!
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Heavy Rain, Brutal Cold and Snow Next Week

A very volatile weather pattern is expected during the middle and later half of next week. Arctic air will surge southward across the Plains and the East. Meanwhile, a moisture laden storm will move into California Thursday into Friday. This storm will have the potential to produce flooding rains and heavy mountain snow. The storm will move across the Southwest Friday and produce a variety of weather across the Plains. While snow will fall across the central and southern plains, strong thunderstorms will erupt across the central Gulf Coast states. This storm will threaten the Eastern Seaboard early next week.
lord, i hope we here in southwest montana get some of that moisture!!! we are part of the country that is considered "holy sh**", beyond "extreme" drought!!! folks around here already checking their wells and even the "oldtimers" are watching the mountains and commenting how they are NEVER this bare til mid-june!!! went out feeding the cattle this morning and had a heck of a dust-storm following our feed truck!! not good!!

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