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Black Lawmakers Lack Ethics

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
WOW :shock: The american school system really missed the boat when it comes to the commentor Gregg.

I realize all sites have their wingnuts but what is with that Thereisnopresident dude. :???:

As for the article I have to believe Pelosi now thinks the promise to drain the swamp by creating the OCE was not her smartest move. :wink:
The facts say this: African-Americans make up 10 percent of the House, but as of the end of February, five of the sitting six named lawmakers under review by the House Ethics Committee are black. The pattern isn't new. At one point in late 2009, seven lawmakers were known to be involved in formal House ethics inquiries; all were members of the Congressional Black Caucus. An eighth caucus member, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. of Illinois, had also been under investigation, but his probe was halted temporarily while the Justice Department undertook an inquiry of its own.

is this a pattern of racism.. or a pattern of a culture that blames others for their inability to follow, laws rules and procedures..

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