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Black outs in East Texas

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Feb 16, 2005
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South East Texas
Thank goodness our house isn't powered by the same company that's most of east texas and southern louisiana. Huntsville, where hubby works at the prison, is doing the rotational black outs, alot of the people there have been without electricity since saturday morning, then have it turned on a couple hours then back off for several hours.
Hubby said yesterday that puttin the inmates to work for a few hours each day was costin the state more than it would if they'd just wait till the power is restored permanantly. He's the supervisor in the Machine shop, and they have computerized C&C machines, yesterday during a cut the power went out and messed up the computer, has previously cost them over 3000.00 to have that kind of problem repaired. Power goin out caused two other machines to lock down and break some high priced cutting tools. He came home today and said they are now changing their work schedule to 5 am to 1 pm. I guess maybe in hopes that they'll be able to work the inmates during the "powered" time of the day. Also cooler part of the day, since we are still having 100+ degree days.
Also most service stations that got fuel are now out again and no telling how long till they have more. Alot of the state prison employees drive a conciderable distance to work. They've asked the question, what if we can't get fuel to get to work? The state is concidering letting them fill up their cars and trucks out of their fuel supply. It just makes more sense to put em on a skeleton crew, only use what employees they'd have to use and keep em all in their cells. Then when things are back to normal they can go on with thier work.
Our condolences to you having to put up with that continuing heat. Must just about run your energy level to empty.

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