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Blame Game,,,

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Who was to BLAME ?

  • The looters, drug addicts, and criminals

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  • Mayor Negal

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  • Governor Blanco

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  • Fema

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  • Micheal Brown ( head of Fema )

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  • President Bush

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  • Hurricane Katrina

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  • Why Blame any one it solves nothing

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Feb 13, 2005
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Wildwood New Jersey
it is simple Just point a finger at some one and blame them for "not doing enough"

Once said the investigation will encompass years and solve nothing

so here on political Bull, instead of just offering Blame, why don't we actually solve some of the problems...

I'll start at the Top...

President Bush...some say he was slow to react,,,

its simple next time there is a disaster approaching we will give the commander in Chief the power to abolish the constitutions and laws that prevent him from overstepping his position...then he can react, and lead until the disaster is over,,

and when he is damn well ready to let US have our constitution back.....

Head of Fema,

fire him,,, ,,,and next time hire some one with disaster experiance, ( like the lawyer Clinton hired ) ,,,

Governor of La,

Already did that by stripping her of her Authority and giving it to the President,,,,

Mayor Negal,

Already did that to,,,

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