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Blue Bonnets in Texas

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Feb 16, 2005
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South East Texas
Well ya'll...I know spring has arrived in Texas..yesterday on a drive from Huntsville to Navasota, I noticed blue bonnets along the roadside...not real thick yet but just starting to bloom.....this is always the time that I feel SPRING HAS ARRIVED!!! yayyyyyyyy also a few indian paintbrushes mixed in. The trees are puttin on leaves ...won't be too long we'll be cuttin and balin hay. I know our winters here aren't bad...actually I think south east texas has spring, summer, fall and MUD. Guess we could build mud men instead of snowmen. Haha yesterday while out checking cows...our 14 year old daughter and one of her friends asked if they could drive the jeep around for a while. While we did our thing..of course dad said "OK".
We went about doing our normal drive the whole place to come back and find his jeep that he'd washed Thursday...covered from top to botton with Bottom Land Mud...they were stuck...and spinnin...but I hafta admit...she did OK..she forward and reversed long enuff that she finally got it movin. Shoulda seen the roostertail she was throwin. I almost think it made Dad proud hehehehe I fully expected to get in to leave and find Brad Paisely's "Git a lil mud on the tires" in the cd player...but it wasn't. Was Gretchen Wilson instead.....Girlssssssss....gotta love em hehe
Funny story :) . Thanks. Yes, daughters are wonderful.

Question: what is the meaning of your name (handle)? Surely not Jersey cows
nr........the meaning of my "handle"...well Judge Roy Bean was my great great uncle. His Bar/courtroom at Langry Texas is called The Jersey Lilly.
There's also a bar in Ingomar Montana by the same name. I decided on this name way back in 1999 when I got my first puter...and have stuck with it. If you dont know who judge roy bean is....he was a colorful part of texas history back in the 1880s. "Law West of the Pecos"..."The Hangin Judge".
I get asked all the time...is it jersey cows...or are you from New Jersey.
and sometimes a "are you from Montana" ........but I was born n raised in Texas.

trade you a picture of the blue bonnets for one of the Jersey in Ingomar :D
BMR, the town is Ismay. They changed the name for a year when the 49ers were winning and Joe Montana was the quarterback. That is down by Faster Horses maybe she knows if they change the name for a day now.
Yes reader (the second) it's Langtry Texas..and supposedly Judge Roy Bean named the town after her..she "Lilly Langtry" was a famous actress at the time from england.

sw.....I'll get pictures of the blue bonnets. They will be in full bloom in another week or so if the weather holds out nice. Will gladly trade you a picture.
look forward to it, loved the CD, like I said, half a world apart but the same. Who ekse wants one?

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