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Blue-green algae/ Bluestone

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Feb 10, 2005
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N.E. Oregon
Has anyone had any experience with blue green algae poisioning? Two years ago we lost 4 cows to it, noone around here had any knowledge of it. Last year we treated the ponds once with Bluestone, and once with Cutrine(sp?). Kinda guessed on the amount to use though, as there was only book knowlege and a fishery person to go by. So, any real knowlege would be appreciated. It's looking like another drought year here. Our ponds are mostly runoff, or have minimam inflow.
Thanks :)
government agricultural websites will have info on amount of bluestone to use. I have not used it in years, and can't remember the amount myself. If you have power near the dugouts, use a small aerator, or use a wind powered type. We use an aerator for our feedlot water supply, and it improved the water quality 100%. Got rid of the stink and the algae.

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