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BMr- How was Ian Tyson

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Feb 10, 2005
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Central Saskatchewan
Just wondering if you got up to Assinniboia to the concert.....we had a storm Thurs. nite snow and rain......decided that 8 hours of travelling time for a concert was too much in calving season! We're about 2/3 done calving now and things are slowing down a bit..... we need some dry ground and green grass now! It's kind of a change to have good moisture conditions ...we may just grow some grass and hay for a change :!:
Ian was GREAT close to a full house so we should have just about broke even. Just like ranching. Glad to hear you are getting moisture as we sure aren't. It's dry here and that wind last week was horrible. A good turn out of directors and everyone seemed to have a good time. I know the Promotion committee beathed a sigh of relief when it was over.
Glad to here your calving is moving along, our cows are just hammering out the calves but the Hfrs had been slow until the last couple of days.
Probably see you on the 25th. Michael.
BMR, I'm jealous! All those people getting to hear my favorite singer (right after Hadley Barrett, that is).

Drove 120 miles last nite to see him Saskatonn, show was cancelled. He was admitted to Moose Jaw Hospital with chest pains after his gig the nite before. Hope all is well with him now.

Canadian Angus, Ian is the greatest
We saw him Friday night in Assinaboia and he was going to Moose Jaw for the night so I am wondering if he did a Saturday night show. Some said he wasn't feeling well when we saw him. he did put on a nice show and I was sitting right up front.

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