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Boehner Blocks E-Verify

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House Speaker John Boehner Cares More About Politics Than Unemployed Americans

H.R. 2885, The Legal Workforce Act, would mandate E-Verify nationwide to keep illegal aliens out of U.S. jobs. This great bill to put unemployed Americans back to work passed the House Judiciary Committee last fall, but has been stalled by the House Republican leadership ever since. House Speaker John Boehner is too afraid to allow a vote on E-Verify before the fall 2012 elections. Consultants tell him the bill may alienate potential voters.

The Speaker's rationale for blocking E-Verify is unreasonable, since fully 78% of likely voters support E-Verify. E-Verify has gained majority support from Republicans and Democrats alike, proving that Americans are committed to keeping U.S. jobs free of illegal workers.

NumbersUSA, America's largest-member immigration-reduction
organization. We are non-profit and non-partisan.

Numbers USA
1601 N. Kent Street
Suite 1100
Arlington, VA 22209
Top recipients for ALL supporting interest groups
Name Amount Received Vote On Passage
Rep. John Boehner [R, OH-8] $104,675

ironic.. you have the top groups that support the legislation, and the politician they support the most... is holding up the bill... odd. isn't it?
E-Verify may have some good points, but I don't believe that it should be made mandantory.
Employers have too many regulations and rules to follow now, no more is needed.
Yet the Speaker's well-known lack of intestinal fortitude might be the only thing preserving the right of states like Arizona to make and enforce their own laws dealing with illegal aliens and the businesses which employ them.

HR 2885 contains a "Preemption" clause which says state and local government would no longer be permitted to enforce employer provisions in current immigration law. That is, should the bill become law, everything having to do with E-Verify and the enforcement of related immigration law itself would be turned over to the tender care of Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security!

It would therefore be left entirely to Napolitano's discretion to enforce relevant immigration law as States would no longer be permitted ANY legislative or judicial involvement in making certain that employers did not hire illegals, or that illegals did not obtain and use forged or stolen Social Security information.

Of course everyone knows how diligent the Regime has been when it comes to enforcement of the nation's immigration laws!

And standing in the way of the Obama Administration's ability to consolidate even greater federal authority over enforcement of immigration law is John Boehner by virtue of the "hold" he has placed on a House vote.

As House Speaker, Boehner should take a strong stand against HR 2885 in its current form by pointing to the dangers inherent in a law which would rob the States of any authority to make and enforce immigration law within their own borders by placing that authority in the hands of an Administration which has no intention of enforcing immigration law at all.

In any event, although Boehner did the right thing for the wrong reason, at least his renowned lack of fortitude has paid off by thus far preventing the fox being placed in charge of the chicken house.

I support e-verify laws.. but I do not support states forfeiting their rights... let alone bills that exclude states from enforcing laws..

sometimes giving more power to a rogue administration isn't the right thing to do no matter how well supported the bill is... at least with the hold on it will give the committees time to fix the fatal flaw in the bill that would end states rights to enforce immigration laws..
House Speaker John Boehner Cares More About Politics Than Unemployed Americans

This being posted by a Obama Supporter WOW what can one say :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh wait I know Oldtimer was Obama caring about Unemployed Americans when he put off the XL Pipeline until after the election or was he worried about the Greenies money he needed to run his filthy re-election campaign.

Was he caring about the unemployed Americans when he dropped a moratorium on US off shore drilling only to invest $2 billion in Brazilians Off Shore or was he worried about George Soros (A HUGH campaign donor) investment in a Brazil oil company and the money he needs to run his filthy re-election campaign?

Did Obama care about voters when he told Solyndra to put off announcing upcoming lay offs until after the 2010 election when he invested tax payer money in the soon to be bankrupt company or was he worried about the money he was going to need to get back from the company owner in campaign donations to run his filthy re-election campaign?

You support a guy that only cares about politics, not about the unemployed, the debt, gas prices, cost of healthcare or religious beliefs.

It is all about what he needs to do to get re-elected so he can stuff more radical liberal crap down your throat that your GREAT GRANDCHILDREN will be on the hook for. :roll: :roll:
Boehner has got to go. Not just because of this, but because he's part of the old school. Twice he went into battles with Reid and Pelosi where he held all hte cards and he got has ass handed to him. He's not tough enough.
Here is the latest e-mail put out by NumbersUSA in their battle against illegal immigrant workers- and for US citizen workers.....

Date: Wednesday 14MAR2012 2 p.m. EDT

Our TV/radio ad & grassroots campaign are stirring up some signs of panic among the supporters of illegal foreign workers

NumbersUSA is creating 'crisis of near doomsday proportions,' says coalition of illegal-alien-hiring businesses

A Big Ag coalition apparently believes that you and we are threatening to have some success in our campaign against Speaker Boehner and his blocking of E-Verify legislation.

The Save America's Food and Economy coalition (SAFE) has just issued an urgent national release criticizing NumbersUSA's ad campaign. It refers to SAFE President Craig J. Regelbrugge's speech before growers, manufacturers and agriculture experts at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, California.

SAFE announced:

"(Regelbrugge) expressed concern that misguided organizations like NumbersUSA, a group fanning the flames of fear and division on the immigration reform debate, will end up causing the destruction of struggling farms and the communities that rely on them.

"NumbersUSA recently announced a major advertising campaign targeting Congressional districts, including House Speaker John Boehners Ohio district, to scare members of Congress into voting for an immediate E-Verify mandate on employers and the economy.

"SAFE argues NumbersUSA is sabotaging America's food independence and security by threatening Speaker Boehner into forcing passage of Rep. Lamar Smiths (R-TX) Legal Workforce Act or H.R. 2885."
Congratulations to all of you who have faxed in this campaign. Even more congrats to those of you who have made phone calls. And fireworks salutes to those of you who have now visited your Congressman's local office about this.

Below, I'll get back to the fascinating attack on our campaign. Let me just say quickly, though, that:
*Fewer than 5% of illegal aliens work in agriculture. E-Verify is primarily about opening up non-ag jobs to unemployed Americans.

*If E-Verify passes, farmers would have to either hire American workers or apply for legal foreign guestworkers through the unlimited federal guest ag-worker H-2A visa. There would be no reason for any shortage of legal farm workers.

*The ag lobbies' greed for illegal labor is their reason to fight daily to keep E-Verify from being used to open up the construction and service jobs that are eagerly sought among the 20 million Americans who can't find a job or are forced into part-time labor.

ACTION NO. 4 -- WATCH OUR CAMPAIGN UPDATE ON OUR WEEKLY THURSDAY WEBCAST: Watch it live or in replay. If you click now, you can watch last week's webcast of the intriguing way House leaders are trying to dodge our campaign.

WATCH THE WEBCAST AT 3:30 P.M. (EASTERN TIME): https://www.NumbersUSA.tv

Although no House Republican leader will admit it publicly, we are told from many sources that Big Ag lobbyists (and campaign contributors) are playing an important role in the blocking of mandatory E-Verify.

The SAFE coalition represents that point of view and the outsized influence that California growers have on our nation's immigration policy.

Isn't it outrageous to have a group of businesses proudly admit that they are serial lawbreakers -- and then use their criminality as an excuse for allowing them to continue in their outlaw ways?

Look what the SAFE coalition admitted in their national diatribe against NumbersUSA:
"Nearly 70% of farm employees are unauthorized, yet skilled and experienced migrant workers who are responsible for the nations food production.

"The current version of E-Verify without a 'workable solution for farms,' says Regelbrugge, 'would effectively kill America's agriculture.'

"'This is a crisis of near doomsday proportions,' warned Regelbrugge. 'Congress and the American people won't realize what happened until it is too late.'

"Regelbrugge reminded the audience about Georgia, where the state has lost hundreds of millions in crops and economic activity because of a one-sided state law that has E-Verify at the centerpiece."

This is a particularly interesting claim about Georgia, which appears to be greatly exaggerated. A state commission that studied Georgia's farms found indeed that there had been some losses because farmers had not prepared well enough in advance for the fact that bands of roving illegal aliens wouldn't just show up as usual.

But if there were some ag losses in Georgia, there was no collapse of the industry. The state study found large percentages of farmers didn't even know the H-2A visa existed. This year, the only reason for a scarcity of farm workers in Georgia will be because farmers were too stubborn or too inefficient to figure out how to contract for legal workers in the same way that North Carolina farmers have done for years.

Which puts a lie to this fantastic claim by the SAFE ag lobby:

"If (H.R. 2885) passed today without an agricultural solution, over two-thirds of America's skilled farm workforce would disappear almost overnight. The country would find itself relying more on food production from places like China, which has already increased its fruit and vegetable exports to the U.S. by 555% over 10 years, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

"We support the need to reform a troubled immigration system, with effective enforcement included," said Regelbrugge. "But, let's be smart about it. These groups are playing with fire and risking the economy. Poll after poll shows that the economy and jobs are the number one priority for voters in fact, only 5% of Americans rank immigration at the top of their list of important issues. So, why is NumbersUSA forcing the issue? And why would Congress let them?"
I hope all of you read this screed against us as a great sign that you are making progress.

It should be noted that the No. 3 House Republican leader -- Rep. McCarthy of Bakerfield, Calif. -- is somebody that the big growers have felt like they could count on in the past. Imagine their shock to see Rep. McCarthy's staff starting to tell those of you who called his office during the last week that he does NOT oppose the mandatory E-Verify bill.

The Ag Lobby seems to indicate that McCarthy has been "scared" by you into going pro-E-Verify. Now, you can see the enormous pressure he will be under to renege on that position. That means you Californians have to continue to call him (202-224-3121) and urge him to do the right thing.

H.R. 2885 is exceptionally lenient with the Big Growers. It gives them two years longer than most large employers (three years after enactment) to E-Verify all their workers. That should be far more than enough time for any farmer to either figure out how to use the H-2A system or to join a co-op that will do it for them.
OT, you could care less about E-Verify, or you would be asking why obama does not pass E-Verify

any changes to E-Verify at this point in time would be vetoed by obama and the House might as well wait until 2013, when obama is not around anymore
Oldtimer seems to forget if Obama wanted E Verify he had two years of full control of House, Senate and the White House and did NOTHING. But then Obama had full Control of the House, Senate and White House and didn't get a budget passed either. 97 to 0 against. :( That was his party telling him what they think of his abilities and leadership. :wink:

What he did managed to get through to his desk was bought with dirty back room deals to even get his own party to support it. Dirty back room deals that Obama said would be on C SPAN so everyone could witness the process used to pass the bill and Oldtimer believe him. :wink:
what many are forgetting is the democrat amendments and provisions that super-ceded States laws and rights..

with that provision in place this gives rogue regimes such as the obama administration more power to stomp on states rights..

states like Arizona, Alabama and others who are left dealing with Obama's continued failure to uphold existing laws..

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