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bone infection in a calf

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Feb 21, 2005
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Has anyone had anything like this happen?

We found a good calf with an extremely swollen leg. Took it to the vet who did an x-ray which showed dislocation of the leg or ankle bones and infection in the bone. She said it couldn't be cleared up with antibiotics and that amputation might be the best option. I didn't think to ask which leg it was, front or hind. Anyway, we now have a three-legged calf. Will see how it gets along with just it's mothers milk, grass and water.

we have had a couple of calves with an infection in the bone and a big shot of nuflor seems to help sometimes. But other time doesn't seem to touch it.
katrina said:
It'll do fine.... No one eats the legs anyway :wink: Looks like freezer meat to me......

Just what I was thinking, katrina! It belongs to another family member, so not sure whose freezer it will land in.

The one we have that's for the freezer (can't say "earmarked") got attacked by a pack of dogs soon as it hit the ground..mama faught them off as best she could when my father in law happened along. Poor lil feller has no ears now the dogs chewed him up so bad that they ended up fallin off. I know he'd bring alot less goin thru the salebarn here. So just gonna raise him n put him in freezer. Goofy lookin lil thang now fer sure...but we dont eat the ears either so...
MRJ don't worry about whoes frezer he is in. It is more importand whoes plate he ends up on. Make sure you show up at dinner time when you smell him cooking.
Don't no how long it's been since we ate a normal critter. They either have had a broken leg frozen feet or blind in one eye. Put em on a little corn and they all taste the same.