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Border Closed at least 2 More Years?

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Klein issues dire border prediction


POSTED AT 12:19 PM Friday, May 13

Premier Ralph Klein says it could be two years before the U-S border opens to Canadian cattle.

Klein made the statement in Calgary Friday.

The border closed to Canadian cattle and beef in May, 2003.

It has since reopened to some cuts of beef but cattle is still banned.

A move by the U-S government to allow Canadian cattle imports was blocked by a group of American cattle ranchers.

With the matter in the courts, Klein says a speedy resolution isn't likely.

Alberta beef producers say they have contingency plans in place and have prepared for a long closure.
The same news report, had Mr. Grier stating that by then, Canada will be completely self-sufficient with its own slaughter processing facilities.

Canadians will make lemonade out of this sour situation.

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