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Brian Asher, Cowboy Artist, Appreciates Cutting Horses, Too

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Mar 20, 2005
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Hey TXTibbs!

Thanks for telling us about Brian Asher. Brian has been a real cowboy for quite a while, and he has loved drawing since he was a "nubbin'," too. Naturally, his two early loves in life came together, and now we can see the cowboy life as Brian lived it.

The art world is a big world. Lots of room for all kinds of art. Brian's work shows us what a lot of folks call "pencil art" as in drawing pencils (color, charcoal, etc.). His work has the "Ansel Adams feel" (black and white), and gives people the opportunity to round out a portfolio if they are into variety.

Follow this link, read a little more about Brian and then take a look at his pencil drawings (including two drawings of cutting horses in action) by using the link provided there. Takes you right to his drawings.

Thanks again, TXTibbs! Keep those good suggestions coming!

Yeah I seen his work actually for the first time this spring at the RattleSnake Round-up in Sweet Water, Texas, and sorta liked it. I got a couple of his prints. His stuff is more geared toward the south, specifically Texas, with the mesquite, rim-rock, shrub brush type country in the backgrounds of most of his pictures. But he is from Texas so guess he has a right to draw it. Like you said it is pencil which is kinda different. He is very good tho!

Here is his direct link to his sight:


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