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BSE beef 'may have been sold' in UK

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Feb 11, 2005
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Just read this letter at the ling below. Dr. King's arguments are great .

Joanne Wheatley has written many good letters to the Food Standards Agency as well, and is extremely concerned about iatrogenic transmission of BSE via vaccines, etc. She states that this is by far a more effective mode of transmission, then consumption. So if the vaccines, hormones, have been cleared – why is meat and bone meal still touted as the biggest risk, etc

Dr. J. W. King was the former Special Merit Senior Principal Scientific Officer in the UK Civil Service. He has testified at the BSE Inquiry and has written countless letters to the UK food standards agency. Search them out! He is no sloppy joe. He is the retired Special Merit Senior Principal Scientific Officer.....


The UK Government needed to show that packers are missing the SRMs because they are still getting cases of BSE. This would be pretty embarrassing, unless, of course, you didn't have a fall guy to take all the heat.

I'd say the heat is on, and getting hotter. Time to fess up to the truth and get on with curing the problem. Try searching pentosan sulfate UK Food Standars Agency - you will find that they are developing chemicals that can be used to halt or reverse prion diseases.

A UK father had to go to Court to get permission to treat his own son with pentosan sulfate. Last I heard about them, his son was much improved.
They definitely need to do more work on these types of chemicals/drugs. Perhaps if they were started sooner in the illness, reversibility would take place.

Pentosan Sulfate is not the only compound of this nature.

Pharmaceuticals are more concerned with protecting their bottom line, and are very hesitant to release their commercial/private information. This is the best agruement for government $$$ support of research. Our government should not be scared to fund the science.

Everyone is scared the next guy will patent their invention(s) before the original developer gets a chance. Sad state of affairs, this drug development. Same goes for plant breeders rights - conflicting with the farmers rights to grow a crop from his own seed.....

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