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BSE Question

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Feb 14, 2005
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If the human form for BSE can be spread between humans by blood transfusions as stated in the UK conference as posted by second reader, doesn't that then make blood a high risk material and throw all of our saftey thoughts out the window? The fact that Cal. tech is going to have an inexpensive blood test for BSE ready within six months also seems to point to the fact that blood carries the prions and is a high risk material. It doesn't make sense to me that nobody has responded to these posts by second reader because they seem to be big news.
:roll:Most of us who do not beleive in the infectious theory of BSE have given up argueing with Reader (the second). All of her posts are theory based. Their is no proof behind tranfer of vCJD through blood. Prions occur naturally in most living animals. But misfolded prions, unless introduced unnaturally like most of these studies do, do not show up in any tisue except brain and Central nervous tissue. AND transmission of misfolde prions has never been proven. Blood shmod, meat shmeat. It is all bull$**** having monetary advantage of those who choose to take advantage.

Your posts are interesting reading (reader the second), but just because I haven't challenged you latey (and do enjoy your more ag related views) I still will never agree with the infectious BSE theory that you feel a need to prop up.
:roll: Yeh I'm a lone wolf reader (the second) oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh. Thousands more every day though!

Blah blah blah.

Testing is certainly a viable alternative to finding the truth, I will agree. But your truth is no more poof than mine, only theory.


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