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Feb 11, 2005
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Just curious.....do we or have we done a consumer survey to find out if the COnsumer will stand the extra cost for BSE testing in this country???? Now, I realize folks will say they will and really won't on issues of this nature. The fact of the matter is.........can we really expect countries to accept our beef if it is mixed with imported beef? Since we have done nothing to surce verify our beef or any food animals how can we assure our customers they are getting 100%USA Beef? The USDA and the person incharge of this ID deal has taken more positions than John Kerry!!! Until we can ID on an individual or group basis food animals how can we expect our customers to trust us? Really folks we are talking out of both sides of our mouth. As I have said many times...I supported R-Calf until they started sleeping with the food terrorist and got in bed with some brain dead lawyers. As for NCBA.....GOD HELP US ALL!

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