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bull problems

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Nov 19, 2007
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I need some suggestions on how to keep bulls safe in the off season. I pulled my bulls over two months ago put them in the bull pasture where they are away from the cows and on good feed. Since I have done this I have had one bull get his hind leg broke in a fight and today when I went to check on them I noticed that a second bull looks like he has a broken penis. I have never had problems like this before and I have been running them this way for the past ten years. When ever I go down to the pasture I always have my dogs and if I see a fight I will let the dogs work them till they don't have any fight left in them. The problem is I can't live with them 24/7. What do some of you guys do with your bulls in the off season
We keep our bulls in with our cows too till calving season starts...they get mixed back together when we have to start feeding; some winters you never hear or see them fighting, some times they do. That's just bulls for you! And around here we keep our dogs away from them when they do fight as our ground is so slick until it snows up; but they are fun to sick them on the bulls in the summer to make them behave. And we run yearlings all the way until 6 years old. Seems to me like it's the silly 2 and 3 year olds who fight the worst.
I'd drop a couple of knot-headed fighting bulls off at the local JD dealer if i were you! :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: They are surely a pain in the hind quarters and some years they seem to love tearing up stuff. Other years they mellow out and winter alright. Check with your vet about getting a large square bale of medical marijuanna to calm them down. :wink:
i seldom have any issues with my bulls in the off season as far as injuries. i had hell his year during the breeding season, but that's another story. i've wintered my bulls with the cows a couple times in the past, but normally they are together in a seperate pasture. when given enough room to roam, they usually behave.(except for when they are fighting :wink: )
If possible give each bull his own space. We tend to keep 2-4 together and spread them out in the off season. However, it comes to a head the day the vet pulls in to preg check.

On a side note people always ask why I enjoy back grounding over cow/calf. Bulls are my #1 reason. They are a pain and do kill.
I gather mine out of the dry shipper in May and then turn them on the cows for a few intense weeks of breeding. When I'm done, I stick them back in the liquid nitrogen at a cool -346ºF and that keeps them cooled off all winter. :D With my little A.I. gun, Dad's only had to keep his one really good bull for clean up on the entire herd. For some reason, we still keep and sell a couple yearlings, but I've been cutting all my bull calves the last two years and have had a noticeable drop in head aches and smashed fences. We usually leave the bull in until calving as well and then keep him cooped up for a few months until it's time to clean up my mistakes. Been working pretty good.
With only one or two bulls on hand at a time I just let them run with the cows I have preg checked and know are bred - -- - Then I keep the hiefers and younger cows in a group untill breeding time.

Works good on a small operation
I have been pulling bulls twice a year for better than ten years, and I have noticed that it largely depends on the bull. Some bulls want to fight more than others. I will say that older bulls that have never been with other bulls will want to fight the worst, and most of the time will get hurt. I try to give the bulls plenty of space. Roughly 60 acres for 5 bulls. They can get completely away from one another if they want to. I have had years where the young bulls fought so bad I thought they would both die of heat exhaustion, and I have had years where the same two bulls never even bellow at each other. Right now I have 8 bulls. One of them is over 2400 lb (frame 5.6) 4year old and he is completely intimidated by my 3 year old 1800 lb bull. Its actually rather comical to watch him shy away from the little bull. So it really depends on the bulls. I would try to give my bulls as much space as possible and if they insist on fighting then separate them. Bulls are expensive and getting one hurt often hurts the checkbook a lot.

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