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Bull sale

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Apr 8, 2008
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NE Oregon
Wife is gone to visit her sister so I am on my own to get food. What do you do this time of the year when you want food? Go to a bull sale and get fed for free.

So Harrell Hereford bull sale was today and I went. They had 150+ Hereford bulls, 30 Black Angus bulls, A bunch of registered Hereford heifers, another group of black whiteface commercial heifers, and 30 head of 2 year old Quarter horses. I ate their tri tip dinner (good food). Watched the Hereford bulls sell. Just guessing their average had to be $8,000+. Better have at least $7,000 if you wanted one of their bulls. Their Angus bulls is a new venture for them. A few years ago they started buying 7 year old cows from Sitz. This is their second year including the Angus in their sale. I watched 8 or 9 of these bulls sell. They were in the $8,000 to $10,000 range. I went home to do calf check before dark. I got in the house in time to watch on line as some of the horses sell. What I watched were in the $14,000 to $18,000 range except one filly which sold for $30,000.
It's easy enough to get fed while they're gone, it's opening the gates and feeding that's tough on a man.

The price of bulls is crazy. If I were to ever give more than $4k for a bull, he'd have to sign a pledge not to fight or do other stupid bull stuff. I can always pick a few keepers out of a string of cutting bulls that will work good enough for me.

I don't envy the younger guys who are trying to build up a nice herd with good genetics.
These people have been in the business for several generations. And have a very good reputation. On some of the bulls the auctioneer announce where the bull was going. I heard states from through out the country. The furthest one away was Georgia and I hear that twice.

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