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Bullard interview

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Feb 14, 2005
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Calgary Alberta
I know some of you American folk don't get the same TV stations as us Canadians and I wonder if any of you saw the interview that Bill gave this evening.

The interview came right after the interview with Mike Tyson after his stunning defeat.

Bill started off by saying " I did NOT bite off Anne'th ear on purpothe; it wath an acthident. I wath twying to withper thweet nothing in her ear and she jumped. She thaid thomthing afterward about hearing thweet nothing from me for yearth, and that'th when the embarathment began.

I told Pat, and Leo what I'm telling you all now. I jutht can't cauthe embarathment for thith thport any more. The queen thaid she'll eat the beef. The prethident thaid he'd eat the beef, and fianally that hot little Anny thaid she would eat the beef. I haven't got any more fight in me.

Father time hath got the betht of me. And now that the U-eth-DA has embarathed me with thith American pothitive B-eth-E I'm thcrewed.
I juth got no fight left in me, and I'm gonna hang up the gloveth.

How do you like my new tatoo! :)
so you're saying bill bullard has as much integrity as mike tyson - well, i don't know!!!

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