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Burned a little hair

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And here I thought this was a cowboy/buckaroo outfit..... a calf table and not a horse in sight?! I guess that saves me from inviting you to any of the brandings around here.
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H is you put the brand on tipped over do it from the top side your not reaching over the whole calf to do it. My daughter and I brand all our calves our selves. She pushes and I catch, tip and process we aren't much over a minute a calf average.. We do smaller bunches when we have pairs we haul out then a couple of bigger pushes to clean up the ones staying at home.
If something is missed I only have myself to blame.
I like to do it all from the right side which is the only way that old table will tip. We tag and vaccinate first. Then tip and castrate. Then untip and brand standing. Then release and go. My numbers aren't big enough to worry much on time. And I like someone to hold the tail vertical when I brand. I've found calves kick less.

To be fair, I think tables are harder on the calves. A decent roper and enough help on the ground is smoother and less stressful. That's my opinion. Now getting decent ropers and enough help on the mugging crew is another story completely. Too many "cowboys" is worse than not enough. But a good crew can roll through a bunch of calves and make it smooth and easy. On calves and people.
Here we generally have too many ropers. So they trade off. Those ropers who aren't roping become wrestlers. The exception is ropers who might be longer in the tooth. There is 5 women who regularly show up and rope. 3 of the 5 wrestle when not roping and they are pretty darn handy at both. The other two who don't wrestle, one is in her 60's and the other a new mother who takes care of the baby when not roping. The iron, vaccinations, and castrating all have designated people who generally do that chore through the entire branding.
Nice table Jody
From time to time I buy a few 250 lb steers to turn out. They can find a lot of ways to cause trouble in a full sized chute. I'd like to try a hydraulic table like that

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