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Bush to veto Senate ruling

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Feb 10, 2005
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Southern Manitoba
Canadian Cattlemen Pleased By Bush Veto Pledge

Winnipeg, MB, Mar 03, 2005 (Resource News International via COMTEX) -- The Canadian Cattlemen's Association said they were pleased to see that the President of the United States pledged Thursday to veto a resolution that seeks to disapprove the USDA rule to re-open the Canadian border for beef and live cattle imports, in a statement Thursday.

The resolution, introduced by Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota, narrowly passed on a vote of 52 to 46. The resolution will move next to the House of Representatives. Following passage in the Senate, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns stated that he will "work with the U.S. House of Representatives to prevent passage of this resolution, which is strongly opposed by the Bush Administration," reported the CCA.

The CCA also noted that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has not yet announced the next steps it will take in regard to Wednesday's preliminary injunction granted by a Montana District Court judge temporarily delaying the re-opening of the U.S. border to live Canadian cattle and an expanded list of beef products. As the defendant in the case, USDA will determine the appeal process, said the CCA. The CCA added that legal counsel representing Canadian beef producers is consulting with legal counsel for the Government of Canada to determine what steps can be taken.

The strategy for recovery for the Canadian beef cattle industry developed by the CCA and endorsed by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada last September addresses industry recovery whether or not a prolonged market disruption is faced, said the release. Increased slaughter capacity in Canada, expansion of domestic and export markets for Canadian beef, meeting Canada's BSE surveillance targets, and enhancing Canada's cattle tracking system to include age verification are all part of the strategy. CCA is also consulting with the federal government to ensure any necessary additional steps are moved on quickly and efficiently with a minimum of market disruption, said the release.
Bush can and maybe will veto the resolution- but the vote of nonsupport of USDA's policy will still be there- big slam in the face to USDA and their policies..... This is just a part of the rising groundswell to support LOCAL products-- UNITED STATES PRODUCTS- US BORN AND RAISED PRODUCTS... I think many in the nation are getting tired of being slapped in the face and stabbed in the back by foreign governments that then come back and try to dictate to us how we have to support them.....I think instead of it having to get to a veto, there will be a whole lot of backroom giving in to many issues- GW doesn't want to be forced to a veto and look like he is anti US product or anti consumer safety....

It will be almost impossible for anyone now to stop the implementation of the Mandatory COOL law and the removal of the exemptions and strengthening of it in the years to come............ :D
bush can veto the resolution and leave the dirty work for r-calf up to the courts. if the house passes the resolution i expect bush to veto and usda to not appeal cebull's ruling. that way bush can look good to the packers but the border stays closed for at least the most of this year and quite possibly longer. i don't know why cbc is suddenly making a big deal out of it up here after barely noticing the issue for the past year. maybe it's because they can put an anti-american slant on it.

oldtimer why don't you explain to me how canada has slapped you in the face and then tried to dictate how you have to support us. complying with trade agreements or the wto isn't exactly charity; or if it is canada is at least as charitable to the states.
:shock: The new home of USDA or should I say the USA BEEF CATTLE INDUSTRY................Billings, MT. We have just shot ourselves in the foot and other areas of our "Beef Body"!!!!!! I hope we can create one helluva lot of demand for Beef in the USA cause we just lost any hope at all of regaining any Asian Export Market. We have just started to shrink the USA Beef Cattle Industry. AS for all you seedstock producers that are feeling a little big in the head after your 2005 Bull Sales.....enjoy it, caused it will be short lived!!!! If you think cow herd numbers are small now, you ain't seen nothing yet. As for your children that want to return to your farm or ranch....................you just blew up the road to the front gate!!!!!!!![/i]
With the World looking on as the US trys to get their export markets back using the science that R-CALF and the US Senate just told them is wrong. Yes, I have to agree with you that they just hurt the US beef industry far worse than any price drop the Canadian imports could have caused. And the damage they have done to your consumer confidence, well all I can say is GOOD LUCK digging yourself out of that hole. I do feel sorry for those that could see what R-CALF was doing was wrong but when and if BSE is found all of you will have to live with what they have been doing to Canada in the name of protecting the grassroot producers, the very people they have probably destroyed with their lies and law suits.
this could be a golden opportunity for canada to dis-integrate the north american beef industry and let the americans tip into the grave r-calf has dug. if only canada will see this for what it is and say it will be easier to meet european and japanese requirements than to keep taking the shaft from south of the border.
don said:
oldtimer why don't you explain to me how canada has slapped you in the face and then tried to dictate how you have to support us. complying with trade agreements or the wto isn't exactly charity; or if it is canada is at least as charitable to the states.

don- the names your politicians called your now hopefully savior, President Bush and the US as a nation is a good place to start- then the refusal to even back the US in a UN vote on Iraq is second- All the while Chretiens daughter was alledgedly making millions off the oil for food Iraq scandal and it was all being and still is being covered up by the Canadian UN representative- then the latest we don't want missile defense, but save out butt if something happens attitude coming out-- SAME O SAME O......Then Canadians come back and say we are all North Americans- shoulder to shoulder we should stand.....
I do realize that most Canadian ranchers have no say in your govt,-- but I think the entire US population is getting tired of some of these governments... Just like my answer to the Japan export problem is simple- pull our fleet out of the China sea and let Japans defense force deal with the North Koreans on their own-- won't happen because they backed us in Iraq.... ENOUGH POLITICS......

But I think you are right- much of the hand has already been dealt... I was talking to a cattle buyer/ small feedlot operator (7500 head) -- He said that he had just gotten the regulations from USDA to be a registered feedlot and importer of Canadian feeder cattle-- said the paperwork to fill out was as thick as a telephone book-- that no way he could afford to go thru all the hoops and strings to certify his feedlot or import Canadian cattle-- said that the only ones that could afford it would be the big (100,000+ head) feedlots...... Looks like the border opening was planned to benefit the big boys and packers again....

At the sale today I was happy to see there is still a future in herefords- hereford bred heifers sold for $1200- young cows as high as $1270-- most all went to South Dakota......Nice looking herefords in a dispersion sale.....
then the latest we don't want missile defense, but save out butt if something happens attitude coming out[/code]

OT, why do we need missile defense, nobody's threating Canada. Maybe ask yourself why they are a threat to the US. I'm starting to ask myself that!

I stuck up for the US on the Iraq situation, but now I'm wondering if it was all over greed and financial gain.
Murgen said:
I stuck up for the US on the Iraq situation, but now I'm wondering if it was all over greed and financial gain.

I agree- It looks like Chiraque- Chretiens daughter -and Miss Louise Frechette made millions.............
yep and the war itself was too! Kinda like R-calf, saying for safety, really for trade.

WMD, but maybe for human rights
Murgen, what exactly, is it that Halliburton does? How many other companies are there who do what Halliburton does? What is the similarity between that work and the actions of people stealing from the Oil for Food project?

i suppose the price gouging and overcharging reported on fuel supplied into iraq would be similar to the oil for food fiasco. maybe not the same scale because it didn't go on for as long. being awarded untendered contracts for iraq reconstruction and war effort also seemed to raise a few hackles. i guess the point is mrj we all live in glass houses and this francophobia (and i have no french blood) is kind of ironic. some people should get over and visit france and they might realize there were well developed civilizations before betsy ross ever thought of the stars and stripes. france and other nations have contributed a lot to this world and helped to make north america what it is. the world would continue to exist if the united states (or any other country) disappeared tomorrow.

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